How do I copy a family DVD

macmar, Jun 13, 7:48pm
to another DVD on Windows 7 please.

acura, Jun 13, 8:09pm
Do you have any CD/DVD burning software? Most home DVD will not be encrypted so a simple disk copy should work.

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 8:14pm
From memory, Windows 7 didn't include DVD burning software. Anyone recall? Anyway, I use CDBurnerXP

macmar, Jun 13, 8:27pm
Oh OK - I will try that - thank you very much

macmar, Jun 13, 8:28pm
Tried that - came up as a dangerous site - is it OK?

macmar, Jun 13, 8:31pm
I see I have 'windows dvd maker' would that do it?

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 8:40pm
Yes. Or you can get it from that great freeware site:

gyrogearloose, Nov 7, 11:18pm
I'd suggest 'imgburn'. Windows Movie make is okay if you want to make a video, but not the right tool to copy or burn dvds.

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