Free or paid Internet security. Which is best?

kiwikidd77, Feb 5, 10:03pm
What are people using these days with Windows 10 Home 64 Bit?

I have been thinking about getting Kaspersky software. Do I just get the AV or go for the suite version? Or?

Currently only have windows defender and cybereason ransom free on my laptop.

All advice much appreciated by me.

vtecintegra, Feb 5, 10:09pm
Just stick with the built in

ross1970, Feb 5, 10:16pm
Op - by the time a threat gets to your pc in order for your software of choice to try to deal with it , it is already in/on your Lan. That's like dealing with burglars once they are in the house. What do you do on a network level to mitigate intrusions?

kiwikidd77, Feb 5, 10:22pm
Just do normal browsing, watch Netflix videos *paid* YouTube, FaceBook, gmail, TradeMe, online banking with Kiwibank, MSD for my pension details etc,

greeny, Feb 6, 9:29am
Have used windows defender (the built in one) ever since it appeared x years ago on a number of machines never ha\d a virus issue in that time Admittedly all machines are up to date with updates as well.

king1, Feb 6, 9:41am
Eset is a good paid AV
for free I would probably stick with built in defender nowadays, it actually seems to have improved a lot in recent years. Most of the other free AVs are really just giant billboards for their paid version

kiwikidd77, Feb 6, 12:30pm
Thanks for your input everyone.

It seems like I'll stay with Windows defender for now. I have the uBlock add on running in Firefox browser. My machines are kept up to date so hopefully all will be fine.

black-heart, Feb 6, 12:40pm
Occasionally you might want to run malwarebytes free scan, or adwcleaner.

kiwikidd77, Feb 6, 12:54pm
Thanks for that information. I'll do that now.

lythande1, Feb 6, 1:11pm
Kapersky is good, so is NOD32. Builtin what? Windows crap? No.
Free, not that great.

event_horizon_1, Feb 6, 1:46pm
I only use Windows defender now and usually I'll run MBAM and Eset's free online scanner about twice a year. I've had no issue's to date. If I ever do get caught with something nasty I'll re-evaluate my habits then.

d.snell, Feb 6, 2:00pm
We all know you are a MS Hater, so you are not capable of an independent, non biased opinion, so maybe you shouldn't comment at all on these matters as you're giving shit advice.
Windows Defender is a perfectly suitable solution and works very well.

just_looking_, Feb 5, 4:47pm
If you don't want to catch a nasty cold then:
(a) Avoid visiting dodgy websites
(b) Don't download anything dodgy

It doesn't matter what security mechanism you a have if you do either of the above.

Software can only compensate for user stupidity up to a point.

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