Micorosft changed W10 server settings?

olack, Aug 25, 5:56pm
Is there any truth to this? I looked up on the internet and that was the result of my webcam not working any longer. It is a $60 HD Logitech webcam and been working fine. Then I read in the same posts, I will look for them and try to post a link, Microsoft will patch in August. lol *Microsoft* I tried reinstalling the Logitech software which involves unplugging and plugging back into the computer. Still not working.

ianab, Aug 25, 6:11pm
It certainly possible that some security patch in Win10 has caused the driver for the Logitech to stop working. It's happened before, and it's certain to happen again.

It's usually a "bug" in the device driver (Logitechs), that although it worked fine before, it was doing something that wasn't officially MS sanctioned. So when MS made changes to their system (maybe to block a security vulnerability) it also blocks you camera working.

- Check if Logitech have released a new version of their software in their web page.
- Find out which Windows update actually broke it, and try just rolling that single update back to the previous version.
- Wait for MS to release a revised patch (if it's actually their stuff up and not Logitech's)

vtecintegra, Aug 25, 6:14pm
Are you sure it isn't just switched off under privacy settings?

black-heart, Sep 17, 7:12pm
whats "W10 server settings" ?
Just plug it in to a different USB port. If still no go, plug it in to a different computer.

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