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sweethearts01, Mar 21, 10:22pm
I purchased a new laptop the other day, I went through what i was after with the sales guy and he told me about Solid state drive processers and how they are better than the other ones and so on. So after buying it I paid for them to change the processor to a SSD one. Im a little confused, this laptop seems to be just as slow as my old one (could it be the net and not the laptop)? and I was under the impression a SSD would be a lot faster. and because it didnt have any moving parts it wouldn't heat up or make any noise? Is this correct? My laptop is getting quite warm in one coner, and i can often hear it running or the noise that in my old laptop I thought was the fan? I dont know a lot about computers im just going off what I have been told. When i picked up the laptop the tech guy was all over the show and now im starting to wonder if the processor was actually changed? Any ideas how i can tell?

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 10:34pm
It will be much faster. The internet is slow tonight.
P.S. The SDD is a 'drive', where Windows, programs and data are stored. The processor - more usually called the CPU - is the brain. It doesn't get changed.

r.g.nixon, Mar 21, 10:35pm
The CPU heats up, but has that fan to try keeping it cool.

luvmycat, Mar 21, 10:38pm
I had a ssd drive put into my laptop a few months ago and it is super fast now. The way you can tell is to go to devices and drives, right click windows c, select properties, then select hardware. It will tell you if you have a ssd drive installed. Mine says samsung ssd 850 EVO 500Gb

sweethearts01, Mar 21, 10:46pm
Thanks, now im really showing how good I am with this tech stuff, but i cant even find devices and drives! have tried using the "search" thing for it but nothing

supernova2, Mar 21, 10:54pm
Win 10 I assume
Right click window logo on toolbar (probably at bottom of desktop), about halfway down the list is Device Manager, left click, left click on disk drives.

sweethearts01, Mar 21, 10:58pm
awesome thanks, it says - sandisk ssd plus 120gb
I hate that its still so slow! could 120gb not be enough?

king1, Mar 21, 11:26pm
120gb is barely enough - it will probably fill up in time, but, the disk size doesn't affect speed of operation.

You need to be clear about what is slow. if laptop starts up from powered off to a working desktop in 15-20 seconds that's a good speed for the ssd.

if loading facebook or trademe or other websites is slow, that is the internet that is slow, a whole different problem.

trade_menow, Mar 21, 11:30pm
and a ssd is not a processor -a ssd is a hard drive " Solid State Disk "

sweethearts01, Mar 21, 11:46pm
some sites work fine others bearly at all, so im guessing its the net? I have spark unlimited fibre any ideas why theres an issues there? and what i can do?

suicidemonkey, Mar 21, 11:58pm
Solid state drives and mechanical hard drives don't produce much heat, it's the CPU that will be producing the heat you can feel.

But without knowing the make/model of the laptop, no one can give you any relevant information.

Yes, an SSD was the right way to go. But if you bought a cheap laptop with a slow CPU, the SSD ain't gonna help.

My guess would be it's a slow CPU. But you didn't give us any info, so a guess is a guess.

sweethearts01, Mar 22, 12:33am
Oooooh i dont know! its a HP and i remember something about 8gig?
where would i find that?

muppet_slayer, Mar 22, 12:50am
Go to google, type in 'speccy' which is a specification program, click on the first one in the list, download the free version, install it, and then run it and look under CPU. It will tell you what CPU you are running.

nice_lady, Mar 22, 6:06am
ALL electrical devices have a sticker or label on them somewhere telling you the make and model. It'll be on the bottom. And/or you should have a sales docket with that on it as well.

ross1970, Mar 22, 6:50am
Just hit windows key + pause key.
Or "system" in the control panel.

sweethearts01, Mar 22, 8:13am
Thanks all. Sorry this really isn't my strong point.

black-heart, Mar 22, 8:24am
Sounds like the techy that transferred you to SSD might have missed a step like changing SATA from IDE to AHCI. I'd call them, and explain why your dissatisfied, see if they offer to remedy it, or at inspect it, presumably without further charges being incurred. It could also be the cooling is dusty or partly blocked causing the heat build up, and CPU throttling.

king1, Mar 22, 8:24am
laptop shouldn't be the problem if its new, specs are ok. are there other devices using the internet connection? Maybe try restarting the modem

king1, Mar 22, 8:27am

rayonline_tm, Mar 22, 9:15am
The SSD should start up your computer quicker. The internet wont' be faster and as someone notes there some issues at the moment some digger in Australia damaged a internet line. Re: your normal stuff like if you edit pictures and play games etc . your computer HP NOTEBOOK 15-BW021AU has an AMD A6 9220 which is an entry level microchip.

duncb, Mar 22, 12:20pm
For you, the SSD (solid state drive) is not going to make your computer any faster except for when it starts up. It should however be more reliable. 120GB is fine for people who don't save lots of music, photos and videos and changing it for a larger one will not speed up your computer.Your new computer's CPU (processor) which is the the bit that does all the work is rather slow and is quite possibly slower than your old computer. On the plus side the 8gigs (as you put it) will be an improvement on your old computer

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 12:21pm
The CPU in that model is reasonably slow. 2000 points on passmark puts it in line with the entry level Celerons. Much slower than an entry-level i5.

However it should handle web browsing and general tasks fine.

mcdaff, Mar 22, 1:12pm
It is very likely that the new laptop is doing updates in the background which would make it slow. Leave it turned on say overnight and let it complete any updates while you are not trying to use it for other things.

lythande1, Mar 22, 1:24pm
Its the hard drive he was talking about not the CPU.
Yes they are.
However you can still get bloat after a while with the O/S, you can still have a shit CPU and bugger all ram.
And yes, the net and the PC are 2 different things. Does the PC boot quickly? Load a program quickly? Thats the PC.

Once on the net, getting a webpage etc. thats net speed.

loud_37, Mar 22, 7:37pm
Is this a new laptop from a big box store, it may be downloading new updates for windows, this will slow the laptop down until it catches up. Most proper PC shops would of done this before you take it home.

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