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b00f01, Aug 24, 9:59pm
Hi there i bought a samsung galaxy s8 from noelleeming just under a year ago and it has developed screen "burn-in". Am i able to demand a refund or brand new replacement. I payed over $1000 for this device and not very happy about it. I was told by noelleeming they will send it away to get fixed but may get a "refurbished" one back i dont want someone elses faulty phone. Anyone else had issues like this? Should i contact samsung directly? Thanks

supernova2, Aug 24, 10:21pm
Burn in is a known problem with CRT type screens but didnt think it applied to modern led stuff. Having said that I'm not too sure that you will win in DT claim under the CGA.
I'd try contacting Samsung direct. If they just laugh at you then I think you might be up the creek.

b00f01, Aug 24, 10:31pm
I have read different things on google and it sounds like its quite common. I did go and see noelleeming today and they said it will have to be sent away for assessment. I cant afford not to have a phone at the moment so have held off handing it over for now. (Does come with 2 year warrenty) The 3 workers behind the counter couldnt get over how bad the burn in was. I did mention about refund or replacement but they reckon they cant do that. I dont like the idea of it getting repaired or getting someone elses refurbished phone back

suicidemonkey, Aug 24, 10:33pm
Burn-in is a known issue on AMOLED displays like the S8 has - it only occurs if the display is left on for an extended period of time, which is why the default screen time-out is generally less than a minute. You would have had to leave it on for quite a while to get burn-in.

As the burn-in probably isn't counted as a "serious fault" (meaning you can't demand a refund), they're within there rights to give you a refurb as long as it's fit for purpose.

I wouldn't worry about getting a genuine Samsung refurb phone - they are as good as new and have been tested by a technician, so you know there are no issues with it. But if you really want a new one, call Samsung directly as they deal with warranty claims, you might be able to convince them.

cookee_nz, Aug 24, 10:34pm

b00f01, Aug 24, 10:41pm
Phone cost me over $1000 and isnt even a year old yet. Screen time out has always been at 30 seconds. Also there are no warnings about the risk of burn in on any documentation that came with the phone that i can see. I read screen brightness has an affect on it but why allow the option to increase brightness if it causes damage. The only warning you get when you turn brightness up is about eye strain.

suicidemonkey, Aug 24, 10:57pm
So take the replacement? Faults happen. There's nothing that can be done to fix it unfortunately.

b00f01, Aug 24, 11:24pm
Im wanting a new replacement or refund to buy a new one. I dont want a "refurbished" one

suicidemonkey, Aug 24, 11:54pm
You could try arguing it. Some good info here:

"Where it?

nice_lady, Aug 25, 6:45am

2nd2none, Aug 25, 7:07am
Why don?

2nd2none, Aug 25, 7:09am
irrelevant in this case. Doesn?

nice_lady, Aug 25, 7:22am
Yeah I'd say that while it's most likely easy enough to repair I do sympathise with this position:


gabbysnana, Aug 25, 8:35am
of course its a major defect.

suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 8:45am
No it's not. According to the CGA, a fault is major if it can't be fixed within a reasonable amount of time. In that case, the consumer can demand a full replacement or a refund.

In this case, the LCD panel can be replaced or the phone can be replaced, it's up to the retailer.

However I would argue that OP can request that the retailer fix the LCD panel so they get their own phone back (rather than a refurb), or ask for a refund if they refuse. It probably won't fly, but worth a shot.

vtecintegra, Aug 25, 10:21am
Out of interest what is burned into the screen? Usually it only noticeably happens on demo phones, you get part of the reel that is running 24x7 burnt in

Anyway some burn in is normal for any phone with an OLED panel, on the older Nexus phones the black nav bar would be visible on landscape video after the phone got old.

b00f01, Aug 25, 3:27pm
The pop up button menu that they used on the s8 is burned in. It replaced the physical buttons

nice_lady, Aug 25, 4:00pm
Remind me NOT to buy one!

vtecintegra, Aug 25, 5:40pm
That's the trade off you make for a much better looking screen. Even Apple is using them now.

nice_lady, Aug 25, 5:49pm
Fine but I"ll stick to my current "IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen" It's pretty good thanks and any expensive 'flagship' device that can have 'screen burn' after only a year of use is not one I want.

vtecintegra, Aug 25, 5:55pm
I'd take an OLED with moderate burn in vs a brand new LCD - they really are that much better

suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 6:11pm

And it seems to affect some OLED displays more than others. I've had my Oneplus 5 for about a year now and it has absolutely no burn-in.

nice_lady, Aug 25, 7:06pm
Good on you. Pass.

suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 8:49pm
I've had more than a few OLED phones and never had burn-in. I've seen it on plenty of Samsung phones though. I can only assume it's the type of panels they use or something.

OLED is really very good. I find it hard to go back to IPS now.

b00f01, Aug 25, 11:00pm
Dont get me wrong im not saying amoled is bad. It looks great but the burn in shouldnt happen. First time i have ever come across it. Have owned the galaxy phones s2, s4, s6, and now the s8 which i love just want the issue resolved. Either refund, replacement and il take the repair aslong as its my own phone i get back. Have spoken to samsung today and they are going to resolve the issue one way or another but phone still has to be sent away which i will let noel leeming deal with aslong as i get a loan phone in the mean time

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