Cellular image jpg's vanished via bluetooth xfer

kiwisapper, Apr 5, 10:54pm
Well outside of my comfort zone with this one. A friend has a Huwei cellphone and she tells me that she tried to download a large number of jpg files but they vanished from the cell phone and never arrived where ever they were being sent to, which now is irrelevant.
I have had a squizz via a usb cable and desk top pc around the many and various folders etc in the Huwei and have found 39 files in a folder /cleanmaster/picrecycle with titles like this. 1498813924000_1501483341972_jp-
They all bear the same date. 31/7/17
Could these be the missing files converted to dat format for transfer and if so can they be recovered?
Thanks for any guidance on this one.

king1, Apr 5, 11:10pm
It wouldn't make sense that they convert them, perhaps compress them maybe - but you could simply try renaming them to .jpg - that will tell you if they are the photos.

compare the file size as well - if they are tiny then not photos which would be 1mb or more

king1, Apr 5, 11:23pm
another thought, the cleanmaster might be a junk file cleaner app on the phone which has 'cleaned' them - see if you can find it, and if it has a restore option

another thought, download and install irfanview, open it, and use the file open menu to open the file. Irfanview is pretty good at opening any image regardless of whether it has the correct extension or not

gpg58, Apr 5, 11:47pm
check in gallery for a folder called recently deleted, just in case they ended up there?
huawei saves them for a month i think, when you delete normally.
My mate 10 lite failed with multiples via bluetooth too, i now just use usb.

kiwisapper, Dec 27, 7:48am
My attention was drawn to the folder by the file size, all 1 to 2mb and the jpg in the file name. Then I wandered off the logical track following up the dat suffix.
BUT ANDREW. you were on to it, Changing the suffix back to .jpg and BINGO all viewable. Well done that man. My Thanks

Graeme. Thank you also and I will pass on your comment about wifi d/loading to my friend and I doubt she will try that way again. :>)

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