Google's double standard!

nzoomed, Mar 15, 2:57pm
Google is going to ban advertising for cryptocurrencies in June, yet at the same time they support many scam artists through their ads!
Just type in driver updates into goggle and you will see what i mean with their sponsored links!

floydbloke, Mar 15, 3:17pm
Search for any event tickets and the first link (sponsored of course) will be Viagogo. Not (necessarily) illegal but certainly immoral.
The mighty dollar pretty much always speaks louder than ethics for large corporates.

vtecintegra, Mar 15, 3:34pm
Sounds like a good start to me - clean up one dodgy category at a time

mr-word, Mar 15, 9:15pm
I am seeing a lot of bitcoin ads on google now, so the bitcoin scammers are going to be hard at it for the next three months.

nzoomed, Mar 15, 11:45pm
except fake antivirus and windows update programs are dodgy and cryptocurrency is not.

suicidemonkey, Mar 16, 12:01am
Just because a dodgy company pays for ads on Google doesn't mean Google supports it. I'm sure they do their best but some are bound to slip through the cracks.

Not a fan of the "big corporations = bad" attitude tbh.

I use Google AdWords and the wrong word will often get the ad rejected, so they are obviously very strict. Can't expect them to be perfect though.

vtecintegra, Mar 16, 6:49am
Maybe the concept itself isn?

black-heart, 6 days, 15 hours
I use a raspberry pi, running pi hole on my network and don't see the ads ever, which also means their websites never detect an ad blocker.

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