DVD player died

wasgonna, May 19, 12:17pm
Do I now go for a Blu-Ray (whatever that is) player presuming it's better than my old DVD version.

It may be a dumb question but I was born before fire was invented.

r.g.nixon, May 19, 12:27pm
We have skipped Blu-Ray and gone straight to internet downloads and Netflix. A Netflix account can be shared with several households - so your children for example. makes it cheap.

wasgonna, May 19, 12:33pm
Internet service is crap and fibre not available so wouldn't go there. Not interested in Netflix anyway. No children thank God.

daves, May 19, 12:53pm
In my opinion, if you don't know what a Blu-Ray is, then you don't need a Blu-Ray player.

d.snell, May 19, 1:45pm
But Blu-ray prices are very cheap and play both DVD's. Save $20 and buy a DVD only player and then if you get a Blu-Ray disk, it won't play. Why take the risk over a pittance.

gyrogearloose, May 19, 1:47pm
If you have an investment in a collection of DVD's and CD's then it seems reasonable to purchase a blu-ray player so that you can still enjoy them. The one I bought can also get Netflix via WiFi, together with a USB socket for watching content on memory sticks or charging your phone.

wasgonna, May 19, 1:53pm
Thanks d.snell and gyrogearloose. Wasn't worried about cost just wondered if going in the right direction.

nice_lady, May 19, 2:12pm
A Blu Ray player will play cd/dvd/blu ray.

Just get one.

ians2, Nov 26, 9:01am
When I bought my blu-ray player, I also got them to change the DVD for multizone playback.
I don't know if the blu-ray will do multi region though.

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