MacBook Pro hdd dieing, operating system

olack, Jul 19, 1:09pm
I bought Paragon HFS +for Windows and can see lots of files and so presuming the operating system may be recoverable too. Can the operating system be transferred to another new hard drive? Amazingly this MacBook Pro hdd is @ 4% health and still worked but stopped working. Owner said it was working perfectly at home. I tested it using Hard Disk Sentinel Pro in my Windows 10 Pro 64bit PC. I am not sure I can understand this result after what he told me, that it worked fine.

suicidemonkey, Jul 19, 1:11pm
You're best to back up your personal files and reinstall the OS - a dying HDD can cause data corruption so there may be issues that will transfer across if you image the disk.

Most modern Macbooks have a built-in recovery tool that lets you download and reinstall the OS - super easy.

Otherwise I guess it won't hurt to just image the disk and reinstall later if you run into issues.

king1, Jul 19, 1:12pm
Carbon Copy Cloner is what i have used - really depends just how buggered the hdd is as to whether it will be able to image the drive

sorry this is for mac, assuming it still boots in the mac

king1, Jul 19, 1:18pm
possibly was never turned off, often these issues don't rare up until after restarts. But be assured, unless he dropped it on the way over, it would have been unhealthy for more than a day or so

nice_lady, Jul 19, 1:24pm
If the drive is operating sufficiently well enough to be readable then why not just run a image onto another drive. Do a sector by sector exact copy.

king1, Jul 19, 1:26pm
first thing i would do is copy off any and all files you can - if you can see the files back them up.
Only then would I try and clone it. One strategy is to install the mac on another temporary drive, i believe this can be an ext hdd with macs as well, then using something like CCC to image the original drive. you will need to find the disk utilities and run a check on the drive as well I would imagine.

mark.p, Jul 19, 1:51pm
So its no longer functioning now?

olack, Jul 19, 2:38pm
I had not tried saving any files before I posted and it seems to be having hard time copying at all. I stopped the file copy but will restart it and wait for it to finish and post back. Thank you for the ideas.

olack, Jul 19, 2:40pm
Right, yes, for a while. After 3 runs of HDS Pro there is the same result, 4% health. I have told him this now and he accepts buying a new ssd. $45 is a good price now for a 120GB ssd.

olack, Jul 19, 2:41pm
He could not understand how this could have happened so I will let him know this, thank you.

mark.p, Jul 19, 3:39pm
olack this should help wrt OSX reinstall Apple has made it quite easy to install OSX online.

Sounds like the old hdd was well past its use by date.

gibler, Oct 12, 5:17am
some macbook pros were known to have SATA cables that go bad. But if the hard drive really has bad sectors, just try to grab the Users folder. Maybe use something like System Rescue CD with HFS.
Otherwise there is quite a few good apps for OS X like DataRescue for mac or Diskwarrior but you need a mac setup.

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