New laptop recommendations up to $800

kiwikidd77, May 17, 9:18pm
Looking for an Intel based laptop with a 15" or larger screen to replace my current old laptop which is past its best before date.

I'd prefer full HD screen if possible. 4Gb RAM.

Suggestions please.

Going to backup Windows and run Linux Mint.

vtecintegra, May 17, 10:22pm
That budget won't get you anything worthwhile new, especially if you want decent Linux support.

I'd be looking at a second hand Latitude/EliteBook/ThinkPad

suicidemonkey, May 17, 11:21pm
Agreed - in that price range anything new will be crap.

I'd recommend looking at an ex-lease HP Elitebook 840 or 850 from somewhere like PB Tech. I got mine for $400 with an i5 and SSD - has been going strong for more than a year.

acura, May 17, 11:48pm
Depends how much performance you are looking for. I picked up a 2nd hand Dell precision, core 2 quad 16GB ram, dual drives with one being an SSD. 17" screen with full HD (1200 not 1080) for $400. Just for the old man - so browsing, email and light office apps - No gaming obviously. I run one of them myself just to use in front of the tele - paid even less but was lower speced.
Brilliant units IMO.

kiwikidd77, May 18, 10:35am
No interest in gaming. Just YouTube, Netflix, and general browsing of the internet.

vtecintegra, May 18, 12:36pm

acura, May 18, 3:14pm
You would be surprised how little you would need for that.

kiwikidd77, Nov 27, 9:06pm
Hence my asking for advice on here.

There are a few people who are happy to help out with thoughts on what is good to look for when buying another laptop.

Just to be annoying, the one that is permanently connected to the TV has decided to stop working. I'll investigate why tomorrow.

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