Microsoft office activation wizard

chip1914, May 9, 7:25pm
can anyone help me I keep getting this annoying microsoft box coming up saying it is not activated do I even need this ( not good with computers ) I googled about it and someone saidt to uninstall then reinstall. Could I not just uninstall it as I don't know what it is to do with? any help would be great cheers

nice_lady, May 9, 7:56pm
Do you use office ?
If not go into controlpanel/programs and features and uninstall it.
If you then later have a need for any kind of office program in order to read or type documents download 'Libre office' it's free and rather damn good.

black-heart, May 9, 9:11pm

lythande1, Dec 2, 4:58pm
So did you activate it? That is the check they do to see if it has a legit coa, like windows.

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