Problems installing Brother WiFi printer

socram, Aug 1, 6:14pm
We use a wireless WiFi router as supplied by Spark - Huawei B315s 608. PC on W10 uses a wireless USB. Laptops and phones all work well and Brother HL-3150CDN (colour laser) printer hard wired also works well.

Bought a Brother HL1210W B & W laser printer today, so that daughter can connect directly from her phone. No connection cable with it.

However, I can't get the network to recognise it wirelessly no matter what I try and trying to install the driver on the PC hasn't worked either.

The error message that prints out is gobbledygook and I've exhausted everything. If anyone has had a similar issue or there is an incompatibility problem, before I give in, and ring Brother, I'd like to know.

I don't really want to unplug the colour printer and use that cable, but I may have to, just to see what happens.

Quite disappointed as most stuff these days installs easily.

loud_37, Aug 1, 6:18pm
If the printer doesn't have a WPS button or a panel where you can enter your wifi credentials then you will need to plug the printer in to the PC to set it up, then you can unplug it.

Should be just a standard USB A to B cable.

kew, Aug 1, 6:21pm

gammelvind, Aug 1, 6:22pm
When I tried to connect my Brother 3150 wirelessly I ended up using the cable as well, the epson photo printer was a breeze, but the Brother I think requires a degree in astrophysics. Good luck with finding a working method.

socram, Aug 1, 6:32pm
I think I may have cracked it! Found the almost hidden WPS button on the router and pressed that. Rather than the printer looking for the router, maybe the router looking for the printer was a better way to go. Laptop now recognises the printer, so maybe the phone will too? Thanks for the very prompt responses though!

loud_37, Aug 1, 6:43pm
if you had only pressed the WPS button on the printer it wouldn't of worked, you need to press the WPS button on both devices within 30 - 60 seconds of each other.

nice_lady, Aug 1, 6:58pm
No. The phone will need to have an app installed to make it recognize the printer .

If android:

king1, Aug 1, 7:13pm
why an earth android doesn't have something like airprint i'll never know. relying on installable print services, cloud print, apps etc is just ridiculous imho

Apple make this aspect so simple

lythande1, Aug 1, 7:38pm
To you, but if you had typed it here, we would have known immediately what the issue is.
Sometimes it's easier to connect it via cable first, then try.

vtecintegra, Aug 1, 8:19pm
CloudPrint is built in - same as AirPrint on iOS

king1, Aug 1, 8:46pm
Yes cloudprint is available and more flexible because you can print over the internet, but most don't need that. cloud print requires setting up an account, setting the account up in the printer, and using the same account on the phone. Airprint just works for any ios device on the same network, no configuration required at all.

supernova2, Aug 1, 9:20pm
My Brother printer, which had been happily working for about 4 years, packed a poo a while back and simply refused to do anything. I tried all the obvious, and some not so obvious. Rang brother and they sorted it in about 30 seconds. It was a software issue and a few keystrokes and away it went. Was really really good service.

socram, Oct 2, 10:06am
I had downloaded the app and yes, now works OK thanks.

Yes, #6 has it, and I could have saved hours if I'd found that out earlier!

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