New CPU box.

clivehell, Sep 5, 11:12am
I know basically nothing about computers,so,my hubby is putting the new
cpu in.What I would like to know is,will all my stuff disappear that I have made favourites.I have songs,crafts,contacts on email,etc.
I have been writing down some of the addresses for these,but I can't do stuff like songs,etc.
Will they all disappear or not.Thanks for any help.

cptdarling, Sep 5, 11:20am
If he knows what he is doing you should be fine.

clivehell, Sep 5, 11:32am
So it should not disappear?
I could not sit and write down the songs titles I have got in my favs.
Hundreds of 60s ones.

nice_lady, Sep 5, 11:41am
Backup what you have then reinstate it later.
To answer you question is difficult as you say hubby is putting in a new cpu? Or a new " CPU box"? What EXACTLY is he doing?

nice_lady, Sep 5, 11:43am
Writing down addresses and song titles makes absolutely zero sense.

terry012, Sep 5, 11:56am
If he is only upgrading the cpu or video card, all info on the hard drives remains intact.

clivehell, Sep 5, 12:02pm
Its a new CPU box.The old one is over 10 years old.
We don't even know how you back-up things.
Someone told me you would lose it.
Hoping not.

black-heart, Sep 5, 12:28pm
A new computer by the sound of it, someone will have to know how to transfer from the old one to new one.

king1, Sep 5, 12:37pm
your data doesn't transfer over unless someone specifically does this -
'someone' needs to know how

Best bet, don't let hubby disconnect the old one until the new one has all your favourites/contacts etc on it. it can be done

suicidemonkey, Sep 5, 12:44pm
You need to be more specific. I don't think a "CPU box" is what you think it is. A CPU is a small component that goes inside the computer. If that's the only thing being changed, you won't lose any data.

If the entire computer is being replaced, yes you'll obviously need to backup everything first.

If that's the case, you might be best to have a chat to a technician and get them to do the transfer for you.

nice_lady, Sep 5, 5:42pm
What you are referring to is a new computer. It's a bit like your car. If you chuck the old one out and get a new one then anything that was stored in the old one won't be found in the new one unless you transfer it yourself. Make sense ?

You can have the stuff off the old computer transferred onto the new one. It's easy enough for a real tech. Otherwise, no, the stuff on the old computer will not automatically disappear or be lost simply because you unplug it and start using a new one. It'll still be available on the old one.

nice_lady, Sep 5, 5:46pm
basically look at it this way. you currently have a screen, keyboard, mouse and 'cpu box' right ?

Well the screen is just that - a screen.
The keyboard and mouse obviously are not the computer itself right they're only the bits which attach to it so you can type and click.

What's left ? This 'cpu box'. Yeah. That's actually THE COMPUTER.

snoopy221, Sep 5, 5:57pm
Okies we do now live in a world with advancements that are more user friendly in these situations.
I.E. install google chrome as a browser on your old cpu sign in to chrome and then import all of your favourites in to chrome. K
Then simply install chrome on ya new cpu and sign in and let it load all ya favourites for ya k
It will do that.

clivehell, Sep 6, 8:24am
Thanks for all your replies.
a bit to think about.

nice_lady, Sep 6, 8:39am
It's simple really just get a tech or a neighbours teenager to copy all your DATA files onto usb then transfer to the new computer. As for your emails it's easy enough to save them and the addresses and do the same.

Your music IS 'data files' - simple to transfer.

suicidemonkey, Sep 6, 1:14pm
You can't install anything on a CPU.

nice_lady, Sep 6, 2:31pm
Sigh - yeah. They bad giving out that kind of bad advice.

lythande1, Sep 6, 2:43pm
A cpu is a Central Processor. That is, the main chip inside the machine.

Take a look. Motherboard - the main circuit board everything plugs into. CPU - the brain, RAM - it's short term memory, hard drive, the thing that stores the operating system, programs and your files.
GPU, or Graphics Processor, if it has a separate one, to manage 3D.
Sound is usually a chip incorporated in the board these days, likewise ethernet (for the net) and usb etc ports.

The only thing that would cause your files to disappear is swapping out the hard drive or reinstalling the operating system, but of course you back them up on an external drive first, don't you, because hard drives do die without warning and anything else would be silly.

mrfxit, Sep 6, 2:44pm
Yep ok, just bare with me for a moment
CPU =,g_1:central+processing+unit&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwisie--w4_WAhUMKZQKHSMKCvcQ4lYIKCgA&biw=1305&bih=712&dpr=1.1 *************
Computer box, sometimes referred as a Hard drive or Cpu by non tech ppl
Computer box =,g_3:computer&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiem47jw4_WAhVJKpQKHfSbAyQQ4lYILigA&biw=1305&bih=712&dpr=1.1 (ignore the cpu images)
Hard drive = 0i67k1j0l3.32237.34761.0.35094. 0. 1.1.64.psy-ab. 1.9.1643.SvV2orxdXMU
(Fits inside the computer)

Going on your 1st posting message, your hubby is simply replacing the CPU.
If thats the case, then your pictures etc are safe as they are.

If he's replacing the computer or hard drive, then you NEED to copy ALL your personal files/ pictures etc to an external portable hard drive, BEFORE anything is done with your current computer.

The web browsers have tools to back up all your website favorites & you then copy that file to the external hard drive

nice_lady, Sep 6, 2:48pm
I'd be extremely suprised if hubby is simply replacing the cpu as if he has that much knowledge then 'wifey' could simply ask him to confirm the safety of her data surely ?

asmawa1, Sep 6, 4:27pm
Thermal paste anyone ?

fordcrzy, Sep 6, 8:47pm
this is a recipe for disaster. if neither of you know even the most basic task of backing up files and internet favourites to a usb or external hard drive then the last thing you should be doing is DIY computer fixing. go talk to a computer tech and get them to back up everything

christin, Sep 8, 10:41am
most of us know when they are referring to the cpu, they mean computer base unit, ie motherboard, harddrive etc etc - especially in the context above

years back pretty much everyone called it a CPU, even though it wasnt. to them it was ht eprocessing unit of the computer as opposed to the screen etc

either way it sounds like the base unit is being swapped, you will need someone to back up your favourites, documents, songs, photos etc from your old pc onto a USB stick or external harddrive and transfer those to the new computer.

loud_37, Sep 8, 12:09pm
I would never recommend buying a PC from a big box store if you know nothing about PC's, If you go to a proper computer tech shop you can normally buy a better PC and have all your programs and settings transfered over for a simalar cost of just the PC at the big box store

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