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puddleduck00, Feb 2, 1:34pm
I've set the active hours so it won't ask to restart during work hours - but it still does updates in the background and causes issues with stuttering audio etc. I use my computer for recording and teaching purposes and need all of my PC's resources for realtime plugins and such.

It's a great OS, but the lack of control over updates is pretty frustrating. It's doing a huge update now and I have paying clients due to arrive soon.

Is there any way for me to gain a bit more control over this in future?

lythande1, Feb 2, 1:36pm
Great? It's a giant keylogger.

r.g.nixon, Feb 2, 1:38pm

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 1:52pm
It can log my keystrokes as much as it likes right now, I don't care. But I wouldn't mind actually using the computer for the purpose I bought it for. once in a while. I'm sure my paying clients would appreciate it.

I can see why this industry goes for Mac.

suicidemonkey, Feb 2, 2:18pm
All of the invasive crap can fairly easily be turned off.

But at the same time, get use to it. It's how the internet works now. Companies figure out what we like and throw ads at us. If it keeps things free, I'm fine with that.

suicidemonkey, Feb 2, 2:20pm
Tbh Mac is no better with frequent updates.

However if updates are causing your computer to stutter, it's your computer hardware that isn't keeping up.

Give that program above a shot anyway.

black-heart, Feb 2, 2:32pm
meanwhile theres dozens of free OS's to choose from, that have no ads.

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 2:33pm
That don't support software or hardware that I use. I've tried several distros of linux.

suicidemonkey, Feb 2, 3:06pm
When they support the hardware and software I use, I'll be all for it.

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 3:30pm
The active hours are set, but that only governs when it restarts, not when it updates on the background.

I have a fairly decent spec machine with an SSD and a not so cheap Focusrite ASIO audio interface. It does the same thing with Digidesign interfaces. I just don't think audio is something Windows 10 is good at.

To be honest, my windows XP computer with an old Pentium D and 2GB of RAM runs Protools with real-time plugins better than later machines with Windows 10.

hazelmajor, Feb 2, 3:50pm
If you have paying clients, then maybe you should be using Win 10 Pro. That allows you to use gpedit and set it to notify you for download and notify for install, so you can control when it happens.

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 4:11pm
Ahh awesome and it also reset all of my start menu shortcuts and replaced it with it's own - like a Disney game, Xbox icons etc. It's basically native adware.

Yes possibly a hardware incompatibility issue, but I still would like to be able take control over my own machine instead of having it hijacked when I need it. Will look into Win 10 Pro.

masturbidder, Feb 2, 4:25pm
That is exactly what I was grizzling about on the other thread (MS 'modern setup host' hogging resources). I just want to use what I paid for without interruption.
And we use Win 10 pro so that's just as bad.

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 5:47pm
I'm happy for you, I really am.

king1, Feb 2, 6:30pm
just uninstall all the game crap, they stop reinstalling after the second or third uninstall

as for gpedit on home - I have done it this way before

then you can do the edit to notify before downloading. You still get the slightly annoying screen to download updates periodically but it can't do all the background updating.

puddleduck00, Feb 2, 6:31pm
Thanks! That's really quite helpful. I'll be doing that. Cheers!

nice_lady, Feb 2, 7:12pm
Well found !

voidhawkltd, Feb 2, 11:06pm
I am having problems with the latest update, it is disabling my mouse pad and I can't seem to get the blimin thing working again. Any quick fixes to that one?

shinedog, Feb 3, 10:47am
Nice one

black-heart, Feb 3, 11:05am
the obvious answer is to change your software and hardware.

masturbidder, Feb 3, 11:52am
That's what the computer industry wants!
Never mind if it does the job, buy new stuff with extra bloat.

puddleduck00, Feb 3, 12:02pm
There are very few usable pieces of recording software available for Linux, in fact I've tried a few and they're pretty basic. Hardware support for high end audio interfaces is almost non existent for Linux - everything is a work around. Plus I've spent years learning specific notation software for teaching/transcribing, and there's nothing even close to usable available to run natively on Linux. I'd love nothing more than to use it, but it just creates more headaches. If it was a viable option, it'd become common in the industry. But I've only ever read about it, never seen it.

I'll try the above solution, but otherwise I'll switch to the dark side (Apple).

gabbysnana, Feb 5, 8:22am
Turn updates off. I update once a year. Then turn it off again.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 8:33am
Do tell how with Win10 ?

black-heart, Feb 5, 12:05pm
hehe so you'll be changing your software and hardware

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