Can't play cd's or dvd's

midnight42, Apr 17, 6:15pm
Help please. my computer won't play cd's or dvd's

suicidemonkey, Apr 17, 6:28pm
Have you tried turning *insert device here* off and on again?

You've provided no relevant information so anything else would just be a guess.

sw20, Apr 17, 6:28pm
My computer won't play CD's or DVD's either.

r.g.nixon, Apr 17, 6:30pm
What method(s) have you tried?

loud_37, Apr 17, 6:58pm
Mine won't either, might be because I don't have an optical drive.

midnight42, Apr 17, 7:27pm
uote=r.g.nixon]What method(s) have you tried?[/quote]
This PC >Click on DVD RW Drive { E:)> Insert a disc.
A line at the top[ lights up and a light flashes from left to right and then nothing happens. I wanted to see a DVD and when that didn"t work I tried a CD and the same thing happened.

midnight42, Apr 17, 7:28pm
I haven"t tried to play one for a long time and it may be since I changed to Windows 10.

r.g.nixon, Apr 17, 7:31pm
Windows no longer does autorun for attached media. It's for your safety in case of bogus content.

midnight42, Apr 17, 7:40pm
Are you saying I cannot watch this DVD?

r.g.nixon, Apr 17, 7:41pm
Looks like you can change that from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\AutoPlay.

The other option is to launch your 'player program' and do file > open (browse)

ianab, Apr 17, 7:47pm
Could just be a dead DVD drive?

Go into File Explorer, and see if you can actually read the disk. If you can, then there should be an option to Right Click and "Play"

If that wont work, 95% it's a hardware fault.

midnight42, Apr 17, 7:51pm
Thanks, I"ll try that. I am 81 and not very Tech savvy . I have had a Mri scan and the hospital gave me a DVD of it and it is quite important to me to be able to look at it. The instructions say that it is a Dicon imageviewer called intelViewer which is a Windows based program. I will try your suggestion.

nice_lady, Dec 19, 5:46am
Firstly try any cd you KNOW previously worked.

Then come back and tell if that was a success.

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