McAfee Livesafe.what the?

hawat, May 7, 8:16am
Just bought a new HP and it came with McAfee LIvesafe free for a month. It apparently 'protects all my devices from malware. Haven't had it before and I didn't have any problems but I'm wondering if I should take it. Anyone got info or opinions about this?

black-heart, May 7, 8:20am
All new chainstore purchases come with free trials of something. Can't have you walking off buying just a computer now can they.

farwest, May 7, 8:33am
Delete it and load your preferred security program.

king1, May 7, 9:04am
yep get rid of it, far better choices available

peanuts37, May 7, 9:42am
Bought an HP laptop last week, first thing I got rid of.

hawat, May 7, 11:55am
Thanks everyone. I'll just flag it. I had AVG on our last computer and it was entirely satisfactory so I'll just install that

nice_lady, Dec 4, 11:15pm
Make sure you remove the Mc Afee one you don't want two A/v programs on the pc

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