Apple ipad slow

tpogirl9, Dec 30, 11:51am
Is anybody else experiencing this? I am wondering two thing either it is getting old or it is like the phones battery problems?

spyware, Dec 30, 12:04pm
My iPad Air (same processor as iPhone 5S) certainly slowed down from iOS 10 to 11.

suicidemonkey, Dec 30, 12:11pm
Devices are inevitably going to slow down when new updates are released that have new features and require more processing power.

loud_37, Dec 30, 1:12pm
Apple slow down older devices on purpose when new updates are installed.

suicidemonkey, Dec 30, 1:18pm
To compensate for battery degradation. When slandering a company online, it pays to state all of the facts.

delshamic, Dec 30, 1:34pm
thats not true . they have now apologised but have they speeded our old fones back up

suicidemonkey, Dec 30, 1:43pm
Lol. Ok.

loud_37, Dec 30, 1:44pm
Who's slandering, its a fact.

acura, Dec 30, 1:45pm
I had an old ipad 2 and was pretty unusably slow - sold if off finally. I'll stick with the droid for now thank you.

nice_lady, Dec 30, 2:55pm
There, fixed that for you.

ctnz, Mar 8, 9:11pm
Apple seem to be treating their customers with contempt.

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