Headset for phone

ppgirl1, Jan 30, 8:03pm
Got a Bluetooth headset for my phone. It connects only when I am at home with wifi on phone turned on. When I turn wifi off or go outside and loose connection from wifi the headset looses connection to. My phone is a Huawei and headset a Plantronics. Have hooked it up to the wife's Samsung phone and an iPhone. Works perfectly on them. What could the problem be?

newbie5, Feb 1, 5:14pm
your phone does not have bluetooth or it is not seen by the phone

nice_lady, Feb 9, 9:47pm
It would be a very very unusual phone that didn't have bluetooth.
You say that your bluetooth headset only connects when you're at home with the wifi on - this is downright peculiar and makes little or no sense to me. I'd guess it's maybe an old phone and the bluetooth version isn't up to date enough for the headset ?

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