Laptop recommendations please

penny-trader, Jul 22, 5:55pm
Im looking to purchase a windows laptop off trademe or possibly PB tech. It would mainly be used for social media, email, streaming movies, youtube and sports and the teen would use it to download music. It needs to be fast. The budget is $700 - $1,000. Any suggestions please, thanks

mark.p, Jul 22, 6:26pm

mark.p, Jul 22, 7:06pm

mark.p, Jul 22, 7:27pm
Lots of bang for your buck. Plenty of storage space and an optical drive.

vtecintegra, Jul 22, 10:02pm
Those three choice all have terrible screens so aren't a good choice for Youtube or Netflix or even social media.

Would an iPad work? It's really hard to get a low end laptop with a decent screen

peanuts37, Jul 22, 10:35pm
Bought one of these beginning of year on sale, not an HP fan but been great, got some power and good battery life.

bryshaw, Jul 23, 2:48pm

suicidemonkey, Jul 23, 3:20pm
I'd recommend an ex-lease or 2nd hand HP Elitebook 840. Lots on Trademe for under $500-700, some even within the 3 year warranty.

mark.p, Oct 9, 2:43am
The reviews seem ok. THe OP had a max price. From Amazon they are $893.751 at the current exchange rate and you don't get the benefit of local support.

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