Early model IPad.

keys, Feb 7, 8:21am
I have around 2600 photos on this thing. I can access the camera roll and delete them one at at time. How do I delete all of them in one fowl swoop?

nice_lady, Feb 7, 8:33am
according to a 5 second google:

Open the Photos app.
Select the album you want to delete photos from. .
Tap Select in the upper right corner.
You can select individual photos by tapping each,
OR you can select many by dragging your finger across the many you want to select and delete.

nice_lady, Feb 7, 8:35am
or you can do this:

Go to album view and touch the Edit button at top right. An X will appear at the corner of albums you can detete.

nice_lady, Feb 7, 8:48am
Google knows everything.

keys, Feb 4, 7:02pm
Appreciate that. Forgot to check Google.

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