Find my iPhone

sarah1955, May 10, 7:19am
Do I stay logged in all the time on the find my iPhone app?

sred69, May 10, 8:08am
When switched on it will just automatically search for it from snother device or pc.

sarah1955, May 10, 8:17am
so sign out?

sred69, May 10, 9:13am
No stay signed in on the settings page. You can then close settings down or any other apps it will be monitored in the back ground and searchable by say if you loose your phone you can log on with your apple id from another device ipad/pc to locate it.

sarah1955, May 10, 12:15pm
Great and thanks
Also I?

shakirafan, May 10, 12:43pm
You should back up your phone at regular intervals via iTunes, that way you won?

spyware, May 10, 7:50pm
Does not. iPhone communicates with the cloud service, no searching from any PC. You merely view the status via the web service.

sred69, Dec 2, 9:00am
On any pc or apple device

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