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elizabethj, Jun 28, 3:38pm
I received an email today, telling me that my Microsoft OneDrive account will be deleted on July 28, because it has not been used for two years. I have never heard of it, never had such an account. I started following the link. Email address, then password. That was where I stopped. I clicked "forgot my password" to see what would happen, and was asked for more identification, which I did not give. I looked OneDrive up in the App Shop and noted that most of the reviews say it is terrible. Any clues?

nice_lady, Jun 28, 3:40pm
Ignore that email it's a scam and someone is trying to trick you into giving out your Microsoft login details. You should NEVER 'follow links' in an email.

vtecintegra, Jun 28, 3:41pm
It's a phishing attempt

Make sure you change any passwords that you entered anywhere while following te link .

elizabethj, Jun 28, 3:50pm
Thank you. I thought it might be suspicious. I didn't give any passwords, and stopped when they wanted more information. They got nothing but my email address and they had that anyway. It is good to be able to check with you good folks.

nice_lady, Jun 28, 3:55pm
That's ok but now you might be getting a few more sus emails as you have confirmed you're a 'live' address.

elizabethj, Jun 28, 4:02pm
Good warning! I did not answer the questions or submit anything, so it might not have gone through. I will certainly be watching out now.

king1, Jun 28, 5:24pm
I've had those before and they are quite legitimate

mine was from
Microsoft OneDrive ;
Your OneDrive account will be deleted on July 13, 2018

Your account has been unused for the past two years, and will be deleted on July 13, 2018.

If you would like to keep your account, please visit OneDrive to reactivate it.

The link takes me to whois on the sender domain is MS

Quite legitimate

nice_lady, Jun 28, 5:38pm
Still, it pays to be wary these days.

hawat, Jun 29, 7:31am
. I looked OneDrive up in the App Shop and noted that most of the reviews say it is terrible.
? I think it's great? You can access your files from your phone when away. They are always backed up and if your hard drive gets fried your files are fine up there in the cloud - well in some hard drive in California somewhere. I'm still learning about it and the more I learn the more I like

kiwi_neil, Oct 28, 7:59am
I've been using OneDrive on a daily basis, for a few years now. All my business databases and files are stored on Onedrive. I can access them from my work computers, laptops and smartphone, anywhere within NZ or overseas.

But I'm not complacent. I back my files up daily, to GoogleDrive and an external hard drive attached to my PC. I'm not sure what the negative comments relate to, but I have no complaints.

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