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mmmail, Mar 15, 11:28pm
Anyone please had any personal experience of either the:

1) HP6950 Office Jet All-in-One
2) Brother MFC-J4620

Any feedback appreciated. Thank you.

suicidemonkey, Mar 15, 11:43pm
What printer you buy totally depends on what you need it for. Colour, B/W, scanning, copying, how many pages per week, photo printing, etc.

peanuts37, Mar 16, 11:37am
I prefer Epson.

black-heart, Mar 16, 12:17pm
the software bundle of HP is utter bloatware, worse its often prone to crashing, and generally unreliable.
I'd go for the brother over HP every time

king1, Mar 16, 12:47pm

bowla3, Mar 16, 12:59pm
My first printer (HP) came with the PC about 18 years ago, just over $3000 for the packet.
The printer packed a sad within a couple of weeks. Took around 3/4 weeks to fix.
A year later and many $$ for ink, it crapped out again. The retailer from whom I purchased, sent it to supplier for a look. Week later, "They want $120 just to look at it" I told him, "They can look at it for nothing"
Got an Epson which was pretty useless. Then a Brother DCP165C in 2009. It gets plenty of use and has never let me down. Never used Brother ink.
Brother all the way.

lythande1, Mar 16, 1:40pm
Look it up. I bought an HP without doing that, I found numerous complaints on HPs website about the printheads. An known common issue on that particular model, multiple replacements etc etc.

So, do your homework first.

And, check A)how much is the ink or toner
B)How many pages do you get from it?

Cheap ones are crap. Laser or ink, makes no difference, they get you on the consumables.

nigel4, Mar 16, 3:12pm
Got the Brother - it's a brilliant printer (can email jobs to it, wireless print - everything you could want).

Also, it's the best operational cost - $17.95 (+$5 shipping) for an aftermarket set of cartridges from Trademe (LC233).

suicidemonkey, Mar 16, 3:14pm
Brother is good, 4 year on-site warranty. Just don't mention the after-market inks.

mmmail, Mar 17, 3:31am
Thanking everyone for their feedback!

luxy, Jan 7, 2:17am
just dont buy HP!

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