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ross1970, Apr 29, 2:39pm
So I've been flying to Wellington a few times lately with jetstar.
The booking there and back are one-way ( separate bookings ) as my return dates are undecided when I book the flight up.
The first booking gets added in my Google calendar from the booking email no worries. The second booking for the return never gets added automatically.
This has happened the last 3 times in a row.
Same airline, same booking procedure, same gmail addy,
What am i missing? Little thing but annoying and shouldn't happen.

nz_stacie, Apr 29, 9:32pm

black-heart, Apr 30, 8:11am
I guess you are clicking the link in the email that adds the calendar event ? Are you using webmail / chrome? Is chrome logged into your account (not just the gmail page) ?

ross1970, Dec 10, 8:15am
There are no links in my booking/itinerary email to click to add as an event, and the first flight QT-WLG always gets added fine without any input from me.
Chrome isn't part of the equation, I book using the jetstar app on my ph, check/read emails - check events on calendar, all on my phone apps.
It's got me stumped, the process is identical, and yet return flights ( always 2-3 days after flight up ) aren't added.

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