Gaming Computer

coruba4, Dec 30, 4:46pm
Looking for a gaming computer that will run gta 5

r.g.nixon, Dec 30, 4:58pm
Might be some on TradeMe.

nice_lady, Dec 30, 5:13pm
*Nods again*

r.g.nixon, Dec 30, 8:23pm
Horrible name, "Applesoft" --- but yeah, I'd accept that as a gift!

ira78, Dec 30, 8:41pm
GTA 5 is ancient and pretty undemanding. Anything with a 9XX or 10XX GPU will probably be able to max out all the graphics settings without breaking a sweat.

lythande1, Mar 8, 4:59pm
Computer Lounge, at least then you get a proper warranty. never mind the bundle warranty, quality parts you would get 3 years on CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAm at least 3 years, and good brand HDD and PSU, 3 to 5 years.

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