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flyspray99, Jul 18, 8:41pm
Won't go away, any ideas please.

suicidemonkey, Jul 18, 8:42pm
Turn it off and turn it back on again?

gyrogearloose, Jul 18, 9:27pm
Perhaps the volume setting is being displayed by the Sky box. Which remote causes the volume setting to go up and down?

perfectimages, Jul 18, 10:02pm
In the settings menu there should be a setting which tells you how long the display is displayed for (say 5 seconds) changing that will change the length of time. then do a complete power off and power on, should fix it

gpg58, Jul 18, 10:06pm
google found for a samsung , "I called Samsung support and fixed the issue. I had to reset the tv. To reset the tv, you have to unplug the power cord while the tv is on, wait a minute and then plug the power cord back in. Just like that, the volume icon was gone".
Could be worth a crack, or doing a factory reset of tv, which means reprogram channels etc afterwards.

perfectimages, Jul 18, 10:08pm
To Gyro
What on earth gave you the idea that a Sky Box would be involved?

gyrogearloose, Jul 18, 11:16pm
You see a volume slider on the TV and assume that it must be the volume slider for the TV. Well no, perhaps you're actually watching Sky and the volume slider is actually from the Sky decoder. Particularly because nothing you do on the TV remote seems to make it go away.

flyspray99, Jul 19, 6:01am
But I don't have sky.

nice_lady, Jul 19, 6:44am
Freeview box?

flyspray99, Jul 19, 8:44am
I have a freeview box,should I try the settings button on that remote?

flyspray99, Jul 19, 9:11am
I've set the on screen display for 3 sec,the channel displays for 3 sec then goes off but the volume still stays ,oh well I'll just wait till my grandson turns 12, only 5 years to go lol

perfectimages, Jul 19, 9:22am
You are the one who is making assumptions Please read a question properly before replying and phrase your answer to suit what is being asked not what you THINK is being asked. OP was asking about a Veon TV and did not mention a Sky Box (or even a Freeview box until asked))

trade4us2, Jul 19, 9:25am
It waon't be a Sky volume then

nice_lady, Jul 19, 9:40am
Exactly, and having been around 'these parts' for enough years to see I can assure you that it's not entirely uncommon for OP's to supply a paucity of info. Therefore a suggestion around sky box wasn't out of order at all in fact even then the OP didn't come back and say 'Oh I don't have one of those but I do have a Freeview box - perhaps I should take a look'.

Best not to discourage helpers. This isn't primary school and you are not the teacher.

king1, Jul 19, 9:48am
I thought we had a new sheriff in town

king1, Jul 19, 10:07am
how'd you know one wasn't? - you psychic or something?

perfectimages, Jul 19, 10:51am
No ! I read OP's question and it wasn't mentioned. My answer was to the question as it stood and I did not assume that another device was in the circuit or not and did not ask as Gyro should have done, (and nice lady did) I have found that making assumptions can muddy the waters and turn herrings red. It is much better to ask questions.

king1, Jul 19, 11:45am
Just because information is not mentioned does not not mean it cannot be inferred. Problem is with a TV - volume control - other devices (sky/freeview etc) plug into TV - other devices also have volume controls - many people have sky boxes. It's not an unreasonable inference, or assumption for that matter, to make.

As it happens Gyro was absolutely on the right track as there was another device involved. If we all followed your process and asked every possible question that might be required we would be here all day.

perfectimages, Jul 19, 12:05pm
A simple question from any body could have been::(Are there any other devices in the circuit ie: Sky Box, Freeview Box etc? If so check that It is not their controls that are showing.) Not just assume that there may be one. It is the assumption that can be misleading

king1, Jul 19, 12:38pm
I didn't see you asking any questions either, stop being such a noob and move on.

perfectimages, Jul 19, 12:54pm
Name calling is such a primary school activity.

king1, Jul 19, 1:01pm

gyrogearloose, Jul 19, 2:59pm
But I did ask a question, my exact wording was "Which remote causes the volume setting to go up and down?"

Do you not recognise that as a question?

gyrogearloose, Jul 19, 3:19pm
Let me inquire of you then, why do you think a complete power off and power on be required to fix this problem on a television? My opinion would be that changing the settings on a television should not require a reboot.

perfectimages, Jul 19, 3:24pm
Yes it was a question, but it assumes there was more than one remote

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