Resizing Images from an Apple Iphone

johnhb, Jan 14, 4:56pm
Have taken a whole lot of photos with my iPhone 6s, carefully saved them in a specific location on the PC (Win 10 desktop) where I can access them, then when I try and upload to Trade Me for listings, encounter the following message:

"xxx.JPG" failed to upload. Photos must be at least 500px on the longest side".

From a layperson's perspective, that appears to be saying the photos all need to be resized (?). Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this, or at least what I could do to satisfy the size requirements? Thanks in advance.

nice_lady, Jan 14, 5:03pm
Install irfanview
then open picture using irfanview
then goto image/resize resample
then save as
then upload.

nice_lady, Jan 14, 5:04pm
Interesting it says " Photos must be at least 500px on the longest side" that's not large I'd have thought iphone 6 pics would be fairly sizeable. anyway. -
. do what I suggested

Or you could do the same using windows Paint program with reasonable ease.

RIGHT click one time on pic
find "open with" on menu
goto open with Paint
click resize, (within paint),
click pixels (that's the PX your message refers to)
choose your size.
save as.

gyrogearloose, Jan 14, 6:29pm
I'm thinking you've copied or are trying to load the thumbnail images instead of copying and loading the full size pictures.

They should be larger than 500 pixels.

johnhb, Jan 14, 6:45pm
Thanks for that Irfanview it is (should that be the 32 or the 64 bit version?) I also assume I download the programme on the PC and organise the pictures from there? (sorry- I'm a bit of a novice. !)

Gyrogearloose, how would I load the FULL size as opposed to the thumbnail images from Google Photos on the iphone? They all just look like photos to me.

nice_lady, Jan 14, 7:01pm
Yes the program needs to be installed on your pc.
You can use windows PAINT which is already on the computer.
I'm running a 32 bit version of irfan view on this 64bit pc so maybe it doesn't matter I dunno. Anyway as I also said windows Paint which is already on the pc is actually very very easy to use for this.

Also it'd be interesting and useful for us here if you simply put your mouse on one of your saved pics and RIGHT clik it one time - you'll get a menu, LEFT click properties then click 'details' tab and report on the size it tells you for the pic.

gyrogearloose, Jan 14, 7:01pm
Is the filename you have, something like "thumb_IMG_2070_1024.jpg&-
quot; - that's a thumbnail.

I think the solution is to drag and drop, or export the photo's, rather than copy and paste. But I'm a Windows guy, never had an iPhone.

r.g.nixon, Jan 14, 8:02pm
32-bit IrfanView has more add-on options (at the moment). The 64-bit one can be faster in some situations. I have both, but use the 32-bit one virtually the whole time.

johnhb, Jan 15, 10:51am
Hello again nice lady & r.g. nixon. Thanks again for your help. Have installed the 32 bit irfanview and followed instructions (Install irfanview /open picture using irfanview/)
unable then to locate "image/resize resample", to save from the options I then had which I assume mean I've done something wrong?

johnhb, Jan 15, 10:55am
CANCEL: Have gone to your second suggestion and discovered I can do it in Paint- so for the time being, looks like problem solved. Thanks again for your help.

nice_lady, Jan 15, 10:57am

what are the image dimension properties ?
how many pixels is the image now ?

nice_lady, Feb 24, 7:07am
nah. open image with irfan view or open irfanview then drag image into it. then along the top row in irfanviewt there are some menu items - file/edit/image/options/view/h-
elp. choose image and look down the list for resize resample.

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