Panasonic tv reset

rover79, Jul 1, 8:00pm
I have a 50" tv only 5 to 6 years old.
I unplugged it because I needed the socket for something else but when I went to plug it back in the TV wouldn't go, I can't find a reset button anywhere.
Anyone have the same thing happened or have any ideas of how to reset it please.

nice_lady, Jul 1, 8:11pm
Might depend somewhat on the model? (hint)

mark.p, Jul 1, 8:19pm
Manufacturer details would be good as well.

gyrogearloose, Jul 1, 8:26pm
My experience is that when the television power supply capacitors start to fail you start to see this symptom; however, if you flick the power on and off using the remote control every 10 seconds or so, you can hear it 'catch' for a little longer and longer and eventually it might start.

The television in the bedroom I learnt this from got progressively worse and worse, and while initially it might have taken 10 goes to get it started, it deteriorated to 50. But I was patient, I didn't turn the power off at the wall very often. And eventually I replaced it with the TV from the lounge, because we inherited a bigger one.

rover79, Jul 1, 8:35pm
TH-P50X50Z and its a plazma

rover79, Jul 1, 8:47pm
Its not on standby but I tried it and didn't work.
I had tried that with the Power button on the TV A dozen times And just tried it a hundred times with no luck.

pheonix, Oct 27, 7:45am
Sorry but no reset button or fix button. Most likely failed capacitor in the power supply. They work hard in plasma TVs. Panasonic quit making Plasma s at the end of 2013, so repair really isn't worth it. May be time for a new TV i am afraid.

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