"This site is trying to load scripts .

5425, May 9, 9:21am
"This site is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources"

Is this a problem?.

zak410, May 9, 9:39am
What site is that ?

ross1970, May 9, 7:21pm
My take : "Trying to load" Note 'trying"
It means the page still contains ( or malware is trying to add ) resources from sources that conflict with the content security policy headers set for the page.
ie/eg: page is trying to load script with a src=http://somesite.com/random-
when that domain is not an allowed domain from which to load js from, as per csp headers. ( simplified eg )
Open dev-tools network tab and see what resources show a failed status maybe.
Possibly a new or overly complex csp added to the page before the page code was actually updated to reflect the csp.
But yeah link the page rahter than have people "best guessing"

digga7, Dec 1, 4:49pm
This but in case you're not a web dev and not too sure what was just told too you. The answer is. Not always but tread with caution. A good web designer won't used script that is damaging to your computer unless it's on purpose. Some scripts that are trying to run could be as innocuous as an annoying popup whilst others are attempting to upload malware to your computer.

Just always tread carefully.

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