Please advise, fibre connection to house.

deluxe4u, May 9, 2:30pm
I'm wondering if there is anybody "in the know" here? I am getting the run around from Chorus big time. We would love a connection to the fibre service but we are on a shared driveway. We do not own the driveway but have right of access over it, our power comes in here as does our current broadband and phone. In the middle of the driveway is a pole (with power/phone etc). Chorus has said the pole is dangerous and they will not climb. It is a privately owned pole (presumably by the three other properties on the driveway). We are not allowed to park there and this has led to a breakdown in relationship with these neighbours. No way in hell can I see them being willing to replace this pole for us. Chorus has said that we need to get the neighbours to agree to replace, but I would have thought that would have been up to Chorus to sort out? Ditto for underground cables? What are our options? Do we have any?

lythande1, May 9, 2:53pm
There are heaps of methods. Go look on their website.

being a shared drive though, you DO have to get neighbours to sign off on however the line is run.

deluxe4u, May 9, 3:27pm
Ive looked at the website, it says nothing about supposedly unsafe privately owned poles. I wouldn't think that the neighbours are going to agree to replace the pole just for us to get fibre! I'm hoping they will do an underground connection but they are just saying to get the neighbours to replace the pole! To me the website also states that Chorus gets the consents sorted also which is different to what they are telling me.

kay141, May 9, 3:29pm
Have you had a look at Chorus's website?

There is information about consents there but you may need to dig a bit further for the pole.


supernova2, May 9, 10:50pm

twinoaks1, May 10, 10:06am
Talk to a thrust boring company about putting an underground conduit from "your" property to the street boundary. Then there is no digging up the driveway to upset the neighbours.


supernova2, May 10, 10:36am
Sounds great but do you still need the consent of the other owners (neighbours) to poke conduit up the common ground area?

Why should the OP have to pay for all this when it appears that Chorus should do it all for free?

bassmo1, May 10, 11:29am

ianab, May 10, 4:05pm
Previously you needed the approval of all the shared owners of a right of way. This led to many petty disputes. The law has been changed recently, so now they are able to "object", but they have to have actual grounds, like it's going to kill a kauri tree or something.

There will still be some paperwork to get the cable under-bored, but there are very few valid grounds to object to that, as the holes are made on the street, and the cable comes up in your section.

csador, May 11, 10:34pm
chorus want to take the cheapest option, take a look at the state of some fibre installs, wonky runs along rotten fences etc

lilbubble, May 11, 10:59pm
i dont find fiber much better then adsl u ant missing out on much

loud_37, May 12, 11:36am
To get the benefits of fibre your systems need to be up to speed as well. e.g.
1. if your using an older/cheaper device with crap Wifi/Network speeds.
2. Your device could be slow.
3. Your device could have malware on it.
4. The site your connecting to has limited bandwith

Also fibre is great if you have multiple people streaming stuff at the same time, where as ASDL only really handles 1 or 2

oclaf, Nov 30, 10:46pm
I knew a guy who was trying to use his old wireless BG access point. He thought fibre was pretty shit too.

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