greenforde, Dec 22, 9:29am
Where can I get a free download Excel please. I am working on Windows 10 Thanks

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 9:33am
It isn?

nice_lady, Dec 22, 10:16am
Oh crap. Unless you're doing some VERY advancrd functions there is little if any appreciable difference. I've never found Libre Office Calc to be 'wanting' in any way at all. Or to be lacking functions.

vtecintegra, Dec 22, 10:31am
That's your opinion. If you're used to Excel then Calc is a massive pain in the arse (slow too)

nice_lady, Dec 22, 10:38am
To quote you: "that's your opinion".

I use both and disagree.

timberman, Dec 23, 6:43pm
Just use open office that all I run my business on & its free

nice_lady, Dec 23, 8:54pm
compared to the REAL excel. Apparently - whatever eh ! Yeh - nah. It's all very good actually.

emmerson1, Dec 27, 12:42am
I have used LibreOffice a fair bit, and I agree with both opinions.

It is mostly the same for the first 50% of functions etc. Once you really get into it, you find that things like range designations are different, functions are a bit different etc.

The last 20-30% of things you can do in Excel I have never worked out how to do in Calc. That is things like Pivot Tables, Data analysis functions, Solver etc. And it has a poorer and less flexible range of Charts.

But the big bonus is its FREE! (As in beer and as in Freedom).

emmerson1, Dec 27, 1:52am
Thought I'd better check that; Latest version (5.4.4), does have Pivot Tables, Data analysis tools and a pretty good solver. I still stand by my comments about charts being less flexible - but it also looks a lot better than I remember.

I got mine from http://mirror.auckland.ac.nz/software/libreoffice/5.4.4/win/x86_64/

greenforde, Mar 11, 6:02am
Thanks for your answers have downloaded Libra.

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