Laptop speaker sound stops after about 10min

smoky80, Mar 3, 1:51am
Hello IT experts :)
Hoping one of you can help us. Over the last 1 month we have noticed our laptop speaker sound stops after about 10min of playing a youtube or online videos. We have been restarting each time this happens (i.e. every 10min or so) to get back the sound which has become very annoying.

Below are the laptop details:
Toshniba Notebook Satellite L750 (PSK1WA-03C044)
Windows 10 Home, 64 bit OS

We first had below driver:
Driver: High Definition Audio Device
Driver version: 10.0.16299.15

Now we have installed below driver:
Driver: Conexant SmartAudio HD
Driver version:

One thing I have noticed that works now is as soon as the sound stops after 10min if I go to Control Panel>Sound and click on "Playback" or "Recording" the sound comes back. This however stays on for a few minutes only so have to keep clicking on either Playback or Recording each time the sound is lost. Again, annoying but better than restarting :)

Not sure what is going wrong or what may be a permanent fix. Any help please.

muppet_slayer, Mar 3, 4:31am
I have an HP 6560b and it is not really designed to run win 10. I had problems with the LAN driver corrupting every time it booted up. I discovered that if I turned off 'fast start up' it fixed the problem. It was simply booting too fast for the LAN driver.

Yours could have a similar problem but is affecting the audio driver. It's a quick try and if it doesn't work can be reversed.

Go to control panel/system and security/power options/choose what the power button does/change settings that are currently unavailable/ and you should now see fast start up with a tick in it's box. Untick it and make sure you 'save changes'.

Reboot and see that does anything. If it doesn't work you can easily tick the fast start box again. Like I say my laptop is not really designed for win10 fast start, the Toshiba L750 might be the same.

muppet_slayer, Mar 3, 4:54am
googling the problem of losing sound after 10mins seems to be a common fault with the L750 but noone suggests turning off fast start up. I also didn't find the answer to my probook 6560b lan driver corruption in google either so just because it is not mentioned doesn't mean that it is not a fix.

king1, Mar 3, 9:08am
their is another driver on the toshiba website you might try that looks like a later version - Version:

its listed under windows 8

king1, Mar 3, 9:14am
Thats not really how fastboot works. Its faster because it hibernates the windows kernel on shutdown and then reloads it on startup - complete with any issues that were present in the previous session. WIth fastboot enabled the XXX driver is just reloading in the same state it was shutdown with.

if you use fast boot you need to do a 'restart' to reload windows completely or do a shutdown from a command prompt

king1, Mar 3, 9:20am
I had a job recently that was similar to this where the sound would fade away after a few seconds to minutes, and it did come down to finding a driver that worked.

smoky80, Mar 3, 9:41am
I have Windows 10 (dont know how that got into our laptop which originally had Windows 7) Now I cannot go back to Windows 7 as the transfer to 10 has happened more than 6 months ago.
I first had High Definition Audio Device but later installed Conexant SmartAudio HD, Driver version: using the same link as you have given below. For my laptop model I could not find Windows 10 so selected Windows 8. I will now try with the second Conexant SmartAudio HD version you suggest and see if that works. Thank you.

smoky80, Mar 3, 9:53am
I installed the other vserion but that has not fixed the issue :(

muppet_slayer, Mar 3, 11:32am
Well I am only repeating the experience I had. The lan driver kept corrupting when I tried to use fast boot, every boot up the lan driver would corrupt with a yellow mark, I would reload the driver and everything would be fine until I shut down and restarted, the lan driver would be corrupt again, I'd reload the driver and everything would be fine until I shut down and restarted, I could have gone on forever like that. The problem stopped when I turned off fast boot. I didn't say it made sense but that is what happened.

muppet_slayer, Jan 17, 9:01am
I just tried turning fastboot on again and guess what, the Intel(R) 82579V gigabit network connection corrupted again. I had to uninstall it and reinstall it to fix, and turned fastboot off again. The driver is the latest 2016 driver, later than the driver HP offer which is 2013.

All I am saying to the OP is to TRY turning fastboot off and see if that makes any difference because as you can see fastboot does/can corrupt the drivers.

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