Fibre router/modem recommendations

rbd, Feb 5, 1:17am
I'm currently running the Vodafone freebie fibre router and it is awful, I've always had issues with it dropping items (printer, ipad, laptop, IP conflicts etc) which requires a power recycle to get them connected again.Same unit has had the issue in two houses.

Currently the wifi in the unit is turned off and I have two UniFi wifi extenders doing the wifi role. I'm guessing the router does the network authority task still and hence is the unit being problematic.

We now have lots of items connected and stability is important.

Any recommendations on brands for routers currently? Is something like the NETGEAR NightHawk D7000 a good unit?

spyware, Feb 5, 8:25am
Do you have a landline via Voda router ATA port?

rbd, Feb 5, 10:43am
No. Fibre internet only via chorus box.

d.snell, Feb 5, 3:04pm
If you are having stability options, allocate each device using a static IP address rather than DHCP.
Also, try to use LAN cables where possible and only use WiFi for truly portable devices. I really doubt that your router is the problem.

rbd, Jul 20, 1:34am
Well I've dredged up my old thread as I never got to the bottom of this issue.

In the interim I moved house and I am using the same ISP provided router (now on VDSL not fibre). New house is two story with concrete block walls, running cables is not an option. Wifi extenders gives great range so signal strength is not an issue.

I've allocated static addresses where I can but I still have stability issues with some items, including printer, certain laptops etc. Power cycling the router fixes these issues generally.

I've previously used a Cisco ADSL router with bulletproof reliability. Happy to pay for something decent, would prefer something VDSL and fibre capable for when they finally roll that out here.

Recommendations appreciated.

henry284, Jul 20, 2:02am
Extenders are usually bad news for network quality.

I'd recommend a FritzBox 7490, they're given out by a few ISPs for gigabit customers, you can usually find them on here pretty cheap. They're super powerful, xDSL, Fibre, you name it. Wireless AC and the usual 2.4GHz for distance.

We've retired ours to a simple access point as we're using pfSense as our main home router, but when running VDSL it was great.

nice_lady, Jul 20, 5:50am
Of course it's entirely possible you simply have a 'lemon' router.

spyware, Jul 20, 6:58am
Huawei has an issue with DHCP lease limitation. The Ultrahub had a few other bugs.

Huawei can be used in bridge mode on copper WAN to bridge public IP address to any other consumer or prosumer device, e.g., Edgerouter, Mikrotik.

The likes of a Cisco 887VA-K9 (getting old) should also be rock solid on VDSL.

spyware, Jul 20, 7:04am
I think there is some issue with Cisco firmware and vectoring implemented recently though. Whether older firmware works seamlessly without vectoring support is the question.

mark.p, Jul 20, 8:35am
Which model? Our HG659b is up for months without any problems.
Wireless has been reliable as well.

cube_guy, Jul 20, 9:01am
I have a Netgear R7000 on gigabit fibre and it has been great. We have a new place with Cat6 throughout and have ~8 devices hardwired. We also have a harddrive plugged into it for streaming our media through the house as well as our wireless devices connected also. We have been in the house for a few months, and have not had a single issue or had any need to reset any of our networking equipment. Our network is maybe a little more simple than yours as our place is single story and the router is as central as could be in the house so there is no need for range extenders, but overall it has performed great and has been super reliable.

ross1970, Jul 20, 9:10am
For vdsl, bridge the hg659 into a Ubiqutit EdgreRouter-Lite or EdgeRouter-4.

spyware, Jul 20, 2:51pm

mark.p, Jul 20, 3:29pm
Sounds more like the 32 device limit. There's nothing wrong with the lease at least not on mine.

vtecintegra, Jul 20, 3:36pm
I've had no serious issues with mine but the 2.4GHz WiFi band is slow and the 5GHz band is extremely weak compared to the old Asus ADSL modem I used to use.

I did return an Arlo camera because it kept disconnecting, but that happened on other routers too so I'd put it down to the camera (my current Nest cameras work great with it)

acura, Jul 20, 4:08pm
I use an Asus RT-AC68U as the fiber modem - also have an TP-Link ARCHER C9 purely as access point. The Archer is also fiber compatible. I'm with spark. You can do a shit load with the Asus - but most people don't need the 'extras' - the Archer is more simple and is rock solid.

black-heart, Jul 20, 5:49pm
I don't like the HG659's, I do like drayteks, unifi secure gatway, or Fritzbox!

I doubt you'll find them in the chainstores.

gibler, Oct 11, 7:41am
Asus RT-AC68U FTW.

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