Is it worth investing in a kodi box

maleman, Dec 26, 8:31pm
I am not very tech savvy but I have tried everything I can think of to get Kodi installed and working on my computer and smart sony tv to no avail. It doesn't appear to want to connect with my internet.

My question is that if this doesn't work is there any point in investing in a kodi or raspberry box. Would I still have the same problems. Alternatively who would I contact to get help to sort out the Kodi problem.

loud_37, Dec 26, 9:22pm
What are you trying to do, as Kodi is a media centre to play your own media. Or are you wanting to install the third party apps to stream movies and TV shows you don't own? These are different things and you wouldn't contact kodi about the second option you will just have to google it.

loud_37, Dec 26, 9:25pm
If you got a box with kodi and the third party apps on it already installed you still would have to fix the links every now and then as they get taken down.

Maybe try Terrarium or stremio

morticia, Mar 11, 7:00pm
I've never had any issue with Kodi not connecting on any of our PCs, now on Isengard and Jarvis but even right back to XBMC days. I can't think of any reason off the top of my head why it wouldn't automatically use the available ethernet, or WiFi connection. Ours have always done so, as have the stand alone boxes.

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