New vs refurbished ipad

jaybee38, Mar 17, 10:16pm
I'm looking to buy my daughter an ipad wifi for school - does anyone have any good/bad stories about refurbished ones (through Apple or a place called duct tape, which offers "Apple certified" refurbished ones)? Or should I just buy new? I'm not really an Apple person but the school has everything set up for ipads.

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 10:33pm
Refurb is great - as long as it's Apple certified (I'd go directly through the Apple website).

Cosmetically the refurbs are 100% new, it's just the internals that are refurbished. You'd never know the difference.

black-heart, Jan 8, 6:51pm
I always buy refurbished ones, from apple.

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