Apple informed me ANZ disabled

macman26, Jul 22, 1:44pm
Oh no. I got an email from Apple that my ANZ account is disabled due to too many unsuccessful attempts.
I wonder if anyone will fall for this one.

nice_lady, Jul 22, 1:54pm
Surely will. Did you mean your Apple Nz acct ? And please log in by clicking this link/button with your username and password ?

Catches someone every time.

mark.p, Jul 22, 2:08pm
Whats the email address its from?

macman26, Jul 22, 8:37pm (6PCE22WS9YOA at mazid dot turbrutt dot com>) Must be part of the ANZ /Apple merger we haven?

db.price, Oct 10, 3:02am
Lots of someones unfortunately.

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