How stop printer printing one line on next page

kevlight, Aug 24, 6:05pm
have a Canon MG5350 and find that invariable it prints the page i want okay. but every now and again, it puts a line of print on the next page ,,just one line of print on the top of the second page. how can i stop it doing that. i just want one page of print and to stop the second. thanks

king1, Aug 24, 6:11pm
what ever you are printing, use the page range selection when printing ie page 1-3 or 1,2 - sometimes there is a print current page option

gyrogearloose, Aug 24, 6:50pm
Perhaps you (or the sender, or the website) have specified 'Letter' in the print request, which is 216 x 279mm, but the paper you've got in the printer us 'A4', which is 210 x 297mm.

Therefore it will print 6mm of the print request on the second page, that's about 1 line of print.

supernova2, Aug 24, 10:30pm
Is there a "fit to page" setting for the printer? If so try it or untry it as appropriate.

asmawa1, Sep 17, 10:40pm
'Print Preview' lets you see how its going to paginate. Tweak to fit and then confirm print.

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