Computer low on memory - error message

buzz123, Sep 6, 7:24pm
Hi all, over the past week or so I am frequently getting a pop up browser message (Microsoft) saying that my computer is running low on memory & all open programs will close. Then everything shuts down. I run Firefox & have checked available Ram memory & have 55 Gb free of 110 Gb. Have run a scan & everything is good there, so am wondering if anyone else using Firefox/Mozilla is having similar issues &/or what I could do to remedy. Will contact my computer help if needed, but if I can check something myself first & save some $$ all the better. Many thanks

black-heart, Sep 6, 7:28pm
No you have 55GB free disk space, not RAM/
Have you installed any new antivirus program lately?
Have you tried running adwcleaner or malwarebytes?
What version of windows do you have?

r.g.nixon, Sep 6, 7:50pm
See how much "Installed memory (RAM)" you have.
Hold down 'Windows Key' + press 'Pause'

buzz123, Sep 6, 8:10pm
hi again, I have a Bitdefender Endpoint antivirus program running, on a Windows 10 computer.
Checking the RAM as you advised it says I have installed memory (RAM) of 8Gb (7.90 Gb usable) - is this the bit that means memory is low ?
And no I haven't run any adwcleaners or malwarebytes - if the above storage capacity is nearing its limits then it might be time for a bit tidy up of files & some external storage. Cheers,

r.g.nixon, Sep 6, 8:17pm
You have plenty of RAM and HDD. The message means that Windows has filled up the pagefile. Normally this will expand to whatever Windows needs./ It sounds very much like this has been manually set to a certain maximum size.

buzz123, Sep 6, 8:26pm
OK - thanks for this - I shall phone my friendly computer guy tomorrow & ask more about resetting this to a higher size.

r.g.nixon, Sep 6, 10:26pm

buzz123, Sep 7, 7:21pm
thanks r.g. - did all this before & so have now increased the memory space to a higher size. Fingers crossed :)

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