Best no contract internet provider

n.c, Jan 29, 9:27pm
I am looking around at internet providers and was wondering if anyone is on with a 'no contract' provider.

Would love some feedback please.


nzkiwisnz, Jan 30, 8:13pm

Really happy so far with these guys. Great price, super quick and easy install from scratch and great service.

ceebee2, Jan 31, 2:37pm
Impressive specs nzkiwi

lythande1, Jan 31, 3:01pm
Nah. add voip landline and price is worse than my one with Spark and no NZ calling either.
Best I have found is Voyager.

gabbysnana, Jan 31, 8:38pm

black-heart, Jan 31, 10:09pm
I don't think vodafone are in the running for best anything.

mebloodrunsblu, Feb 1, 4:37pm

timtec, Feb 2, 3:45pm
These guys are the best, been using them for years and years!

henry284, Feb 2, 3:58pm
BigPipe, no contracts, excellent speeds and some of the best pricing I've seen.

peanuts37, Feb 2, 4:27pm
Skinny is good if your in their service area, just upped their data for less $s, now 120GBs for $49.

demonknight, Feb 2, 6:49pm
I can vouch for, good customer service from kiwis also.

just_looking_, Feb 2, 7:27pm
Can also recommend.

But, they only target a certain segment of the market. Mainly to avoid overlap with their alter ego.

morticia, Feb 2, 7:35pm
We have been with unlimitedinternet for well over a year, we have unlimited stable adsl2 data, voip line using our old number and have yet to pay anything for local, domestic or Australian calls. Costs $76/m.

cleggyboy, Feb 3, 3:14pm
Voyage/Actrix, and they have humans on the other end of the phone when needed.

cathi, Feb 3, 7:38pm
4GB is nothing.unless you are only checking email

smallfry, Feb 6, 5:01pm
I'm also very happy with Bigpipe, some people refuse to use this ISP because they hate Spark (It is a Spark stand alone business unit)

2Talk is my VOIP provider

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