Photos from cell ph to facebook

miffycat1, Jan 3, 6:05pm
How do i stop photos from my cellph being automatically posted on to a facebook page. Horrified that this has happened & need to delete all these photos.
I have gone into settings but can not find anything related to this issue
I presume this is a cell ph issue ?

nice_lady, Jan 3, 7:39pm
what type of cellphone ?
android ?
apple ?
. it's much easier for someone to help you if you give as much info as possible.

zak410, Jan 3, 7:45pm
. or you could have google the issue.

"how do i stop my phone from syncing my photos to Facebook"

Good luck.

miffycat1, Jan 3, 8:04pm
Samsung galaxy s8 plus

suicidemonkey, Jan 3, 8:15pm
They don't get "posted to Facebook", it's private until you say otherwise.

nice_lady, Jan 3, 8:21pm
If you go to facebook on the phone it'll often show recent photos you have taken and still have stored on the phone, as it can read the phones photo storage. It does NOT auto post them to public or friends viewing - it may indeed suggest you can do that but thats as far as it goes.

zak410, Jan 3, 8:24pm
They can sync ?

suicidemonkey, Jan 3, 8:38pm
AFAIK the Facebook app will show you a preview of recently taken photos, and give you the option to post them. But it says quite clearly "only you can see this".

As for syncing:
"Photo syncing was a service that allowed you to back up photos from your phone to a private folder on Facebook. As of July 7, 2016, private photo syncing on Facebook was disabled, and we stopped supporting storage for these private backup folders. - help"

miffycat1, Jan 4, 3:22pm
The photos i saw were from July -Sept 2017 NOT 22016 so this must still be going on
I really want to delete these from the public domain & never want it to happen again

vtecintegra, Jan 4, 5:14pm
Where are you seeing these photos? What makes you think they?

nice_lady, Jan 4, 5:54pm
Aside from seeing these photos if you look on your own facebook account can you get a friend to check if they can see them ?

miffycat1, Mar 6, 12:49am
I saw them on a friends ph who was wanting me to re friend her. Used to be friends with her, but she had to clean her account & is now re connecting with her friends

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