Place a private home sale on facebook for 4 weeks

michelle_smith, Mar 10, 8:02pm
I want to do this, does anybody know how to, I just want to target people in new zealand, thanks

russell.s.c, Mar 10, 8:05pm
Perhaps you can ask on facebook.

michelle_smith, Mar 10, 8:32pm
yes i tried but no reply is coming up, I wish I could to speak to someone

suicidemonkey, Mar 10, 11:19pm
Not sure Facebook is the best place to sell a house. ?

cookee_nz, Mar 10, 11:19pm
Real Estate might be better, it's not really a computing question

michelle_smith, Mar 10, 11:34pm
i notice when agents list a home on facebook the message is viewed by lots of people, well it is a computing question because I'm not sure how to access how to list my home on facebook.

twisted.whisper, Mar 11, 1:43am
Asking facebook a question and getting an answer is like getting an honest answer from a politician, Just not going to happen any time soon I'm afraid. Best bet is find a facebook group and ask people who have sold/brought a house on facebook. I've been trying to get an answer from facebook for the last year and I've become very close friends with a brick wall because of it.

michelle_smith, Mar 11, 7:42am
many thanks for your suggestion

mrfxit, Mar 11, 9:28am
Easy answer.
Join a few clearly listed NZ based groups & advertise there.

monsieurl, Mar 12, 11:44am
Just create an ad and spam the major buy sell groups in the area through the market place. Expect time wasters. lots and lots of time wasters, though you might get lucky.

lythande1, Mar 12, 12:04pm
Crazy. Get a REA.

mattnzw, 4 days, 13 hours
Why not use a company like 200 square, who is an online real estate agency. My family has sold several houses using them successfully. They will list it on trademe and the real estate website. From the stats when selling mine, trademe got the most views of any website it was advertised on, and by a large percentage. But that was a few years ago ,so not sure if that has changed. Facebook IMO isn't normally where someone goes to find a house. You can however use their paid advertising, and you can also use google.

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