Help! NetComm Wireless NF4V Parental Control

leigh2003, Jun 12, 6:08pm
I'm having trouble loading devices for this. The first one works fine, but every other one defaults to MY computer MAC address, rather than the one I am adding. I'm obviously doing something stupid but I can't figure out what it is. Has anyone else used this feature and if so, are you able to help? Thanks.

black-heart, Jun 12, 7:35pm
you're doing it wrong.
Page 35 makes it clear.
go to each device and open a browser window, go to the routers IP and add the devices mac there. save and log out of the page.

leigh2003, Jun 13, 3:10pm
Thanks very much! I had read Page 35 but didn't get that I had to go on the actual device. SO, I set one up last night and it appeared on the list, but I trialled a block and it didn't work. I checked and re-checked that I had put in the right time, but that time came and I could still access the net. Any ideas why? Also, do you have to set up a new thing every time when you want to change the times? You'can't update an existing one, or copy it to change? Argh, I'm so frustrated!

king1, Jun 13, 4:05pm
is the system time and timezone in the modem correct?

black-heart, Jun 14, 8:12am
well you don't really have to go to each one, but thats the easiest way of finding and entering the mac address.
As for the results, not surprised. Netcomm gear isn't anyones favourite.

leigh2003, Jun 14, 3:16pm
I think the timezone is correct. I selected Auckland. Far out, back to square one of having to collect up all the devices each night and have a war with the brats every time. I don't know how you guys deal with computer stuff. I hate it with a passion.

morticia, Jun 14, 3:35pm
I have a bunch of Netcomms in the house and have no problems with them. The NF4V is our main unit and there are a few N600s setup in the drawer with the Linksys adapters as back ups if ever needed.

king1, Jun 14, 5:22pm
pretty sure the NF4V has multiple SSID support, so another option is set one up for the kids in the wireless settings and then just login to the modem to disable it if need be, and of course you will need to change the wireless key for the current wireless to force them onto there own

ross1970, Jun 14, 5:57pm
Separate ssid for the kids with time/host based rules.If your current device can't do it, get one that can.
Shagging around with mac addresses is just not the best option.

leigh2003, Jun 14, 7:34pm
SSID is a new thing for me! I'll look it up and give it a whirl. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I'm ever hopeful I can get this to work!

black-heart, Nov 7, 2:49am
I find them ok for basic stuff, but once you try to use the advanced features, like OP find they are lacking or not really what you expect. They don't seem to last very long either.

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