Printer going offline ? VERY HOT WEATHER

greatdeals999, Jan 29, 2:20pm
Usually my (HP) printer works well - BUT
Since this very hot weather - I've frequently got a - PRINTER OFF LINE- . message when I attempt to print. (often it printed when things cooled down) Computer guy gave me a short lecture on how printers ect work ! didnt fix the problem!
Next day - (& a hot one) Desperate to get some printing done I found HP print & scan DOCTOR .
WOW . I can NOW PRINT on HOT days .

nice_lady, Jan 29, 2:26pm
Whats the temperature got to do with beign able to print ?

lythande1, Jan 30, 8:20am
Yes, temp has nothing to do with offline.

greatdeals999, Jan 30, 8:49am
It's 25 degrees presently . Printer works OK. Forecast to reach 31 degrees . I'll trial the printer when the day heats up.

ross1970, Jan 30, 12:59pm
Come to Central Otago, we had 36 the other day, printer worked. Currently 33 forecast = 37. Printer will still work :)

mattnzw, Jan 30, 1:43pm
It may if it is outside the operating temp and it has a safety mechanism. Mnay electric products are rated for up to 35 degrees, and shouldn't exceed being in 45 degrees.

lythande1, Jan 30, 2:36pm
Nonsense. None are rated that low in the first place and I have never seen that in 25 yrs of being a tech.

greatdeals999, Jan 30, 2:48pm
29.5 degrees . Printer not working! It's OFFLINE said the message !
OK . maybe it's NOT the heat.
If it were there would be MANY others with the same problem.
It's behaviour seems to "Match" the heat of the day.
I'll run ~HP print & scan DOCTOR .~ later - trialling the printer at this stage. ? HP print & Scan doctor gets the printer going in hot weather . What IS happening ?

nice_lady, Jan 30, 2:51pm
Printer connected how ? Wifi ? Cable ?
My guess it's wifi and for some reason it's losing the wifi connection. Set a fixed IP addy on the printer might help.

greatdeals999, Jan 31, 8:26am
wifi -
Loooked up printer info . IP ect . Printed test page - worked perfectly.
Immediatley I clicked print to print out from "word" - "Printer off line" was the result.
How come - HP Print & Scan Doctor - (a free download) can detect & fix the problem . Computer "guy" cant.?

nice_lady, Jan 31, 8:30am
so, when you go to print from word press file/print. look in the print box and make sure that the printer it lists IS your default printer.
maybe it's not trying to use the default printer - this is common enough reason it won't print - is cause word or whatever program isn't set to use the default printer.

greatdeals999, Jan 31, 9:57am
checked - It IS default printer. - But then. Ive used Print & Scan Dr . & now the printer is ONLINE . - Have to wait until it goes OFF LINE again!

nice_lady, Jan 31, 10:47am
What other print devices are listed in the control panel under Devices & Printers ?

Oh and when you bring up word to print is that 'default printer' the automatically selected one ?

1bravo, Jan 31, 5:07pm
It was not the temperature, it's the geomagnetic energy that messes up the ink in your printer.

People believe anything, really.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 5:21pm
Time to make a tin hat for the printer?

greatdeals999, Feb 10, 8:45pm
My printer is now history.
Almost totally out of coloured ink. . (? possibly black ink was VERY low)
. AND . with a well known store having "printer specials" . Prices - just above the price of one ink cartridge . (2 ink cartridges included in the purchase) . & - Rather than continually run HP Scanner & printer Doc . if it's off line . I went shopping . Im pleased with my purchase. Thanks for your help.

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