Shadow banning on Google

jh34, Jul 12, 8:41am
Google [superdiversity myth] and see if you can find this:

It used to come up first time.

king1, Jul 12, 8:52am
maybe get google to reindex the site before jumping to conspiracy theory conclusions.

jh34, Jul 12, 8:58am
I didn't know anything about that. it's not my site.

smyrnia, Jul 12, 8:59am
Comes up at the top when using duck duck go which uses google for its results

king1, Jul 12, 9:26am
might be because the site is not secured (ie https) and does not appear to be specifically mobile friendly - both of which google have said they would unprioritise.
Whatever the reason it's up the the webmaster to ensure google visibility

mark.p, Oct 18, 3:48am
It uses quite a number of sources.

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