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ct76, Feb 4, 4:33pm
Hoping someone out there may know what's happening with my pc. It's about 7 years old & until 2 days ago, was working perfectly. Now it is slower than dial up (about 5 times slower at times), that's BOTH the internet & PC itself.
We blew it out this morning with the compressor (carefully of course) - no difference. Fan blah blah all working, no new progs etc installed, no dodgy websites, pop ups - nothing. No error messages or warnings pre any of this, just decided to play up.
Stock standard pc - HP 6535a - 251gb of 920gb used, no major programmes in it - nothing. But even to load this page took a good 10-20 minutes as the little circle just keeps on going round & around & around lol. Have only AVG free, but only go to sites like this & trusted places. I've run Ccleaner - nothing found. Can be ok & normalish for afew mins, then back to being a pig again. Need to backup photos onto external drive if I can get it to work asap. I have a tablet & my phone to get into trademe etc, but neither let me into the message boards, so will come back as often as this thing will allow. Any ideas as to what it could be would be much appreciated, I thought Ram might've been stuffed? - but can't be or I'd know wouldn't I? Don;t even know where to find it on Windows 7 - only XP lol. Everything has been fully turned off, restarted & unplugged several times without difference. We're on fibre. Time to throw it on the lawn & set it on fire. or ? Thanks :o)

king1, Feb 4, 4:37pm
uninstall AVG for starters, AVs can cause this kind of problem and AVG is a pig anyway

king1, Feb 4, 4:38pm
Check the hard disk with the standard version - maybe download it on another machine assuming the internet is actually OK

nice_lady, Feb 4, 4:52pm
U Said:

", I thought Ram might've been stuffed? - but can't be or I'd know wouldn't I? "

Wanna explain that?

My thoughts; ram stuffed, (lol) or HDD dying.
Easy enough to test.

BTW, did your compressor have a moisture trap? And can you guarantee it's non ESD air exiting it?

nice_lady, Feb 4, 4:52pm
Also u checked task manager?

nice_lady, Feb 4, 4:57pm
Hubby raises glass to King1. Here we go again lol.

duncb, Feb 4, 5:00pm
Yes. First thing is to open task manager and see if anything is slowing it down.

lythande1, Feb 4, 5:37pm
If it was gradual I'd say bloat. But sudden? Could well be a failing hard drive.

ct76, Feb 4, 5:42pm
Thanks everyone :o) Couldn't see anything out of the ordinary in task manager - but I'm not really a pc type person, so most things are way over my head anyway. It's going ok atm. farked if I know what to expect from it from 1 minute to the next. Trying to avoid the anti virus debate lol. I know avg isn't great, but I can't download anything right now as it's just way too inconsistant to allow that. As for testing on another machine - just can't as I wouldn't know how & don;t have access to another unfortunately. Compressor has moisture trap - my partner is very fussy about his tools at least, so can trust that much :o) I wondered about the RAM as (like I said NOT a computer person here), but wondered as I know it's memory & speed etc & had to upgrade my old pc years back to make it faster, so probably laughing at me now, but wondered as it's so slow. But again not always. How to know if a HDD is dying please?, no idea as never had it happen before. And thank you too!, hadn't even thought about www trademe on my ph, just used the app without a second thought. Kids being naughty, cat sick, headache from hell & brain just not working lately lol. Well that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it ;O)

r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 5:48pm
7 years old, therefore not worth spending a whole heap of time trying to fix it - well unless you are unemployed or retired.

ct76, Feb 5, 11:43am
Ok, so external hard drive wont show up, so can?

ct76, Feb 5, 11:55am
Lythande1? Know of anyone?

d.snell, Feb 5, 12:20pm
Sorry, but you NEED to listen and take advice. Uninstall your AVG Anti-virus and check the system with it removed. You WILL NOT be flooded with viruses if you test with genuine sites. Jus be careful where you go while you have no AV. Then depending on the results, reinstall an AV program. I would bet the ranch on it, that is nothing to do with RAM and a very slim chance that the HDD is to blame.
Also, you don't seem to mention a Spyware Scan in your processes. Have you done this https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/
If you cannot download it on your PC, use your tablet and a memory device (usb stick or SD card) to transfer it to your PC.

ct76, Feb 5, 1:50pm
Trying to uninstall. taking forever to even get to it

nice_lady, Feb 5, 2:36pm
What you were looking for in Task manager was the cpu usage . if it's 100% or near to it everything will slow down. It shows a total at the top of the CPU column.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 2:39pm
Also in task manager check the performance tab LH column 'memory' it'll tell you how much is currently in use and how much is installed. For example it say 4.6/7.9GB.
What you got ?

Heres an idea also. try restarting it in safe mode. If it's still slow as a crippled duck it's more than likely hardware.

ct76, Feb 5, 3:06pm
Thank you :) will try getting back into task manager & safe mode also. Did uninstall avg - ran ccleaner again after the malwarebites - found nothing other than old entries for iLivid, which o had about 6 years back. Still a
pig, maybe a tiny bit better?, not sure. Can easily make 5 cups of tea while waiting haha.
Handles 23800, threads 1115, processes 72, commit (mb) 2157/7916.
CPU usage 5%. Memory- physical memory - total 3959, cached 1186, avail 1990, free 872. Kernel paged 165, nonpaged 79.
Might help?

black-heart, Feb 5, 3:09pm
I always enjoyed running combofix from safemode on win 7.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 3:15pm
Ok your cpu usage is fine and quite low then. Memory, (ram), isn't large by todays standards, (4GB), but it's ok ish.

You could download this:


It doesn't say compatible with win10 but far as I recall it is.
Use it to run a scan on your hard drive to test it's health.

You generally only need to run the quick scan not the long one.

d.snell, Feb 5, 3:19pm
Try this, as sometimes AVG doesn't fully uninstall using its built in uninstaller.
This tool will help with removing antivirus component of AVG 2017 and its traces

download https://share.avg.com/steam/PSP/AVG2017/AVG_Clear.exe and then
Open tool
User Account control - click "Yes"
Windows safe mode - click "No" (we cannot recommend use the tool in safe mode, because there is a problem with compability)
Choose installed version (AVG Free, AVG Internet Security)
Click "Uninstall"
Click "Restart computer".

ct76, Feb 5, 4:51pm
Thank you both xx lol. SO. so far have run the AVG removal tool thingy. God I miss XP back when I actually knew anything I could just get rids of scraps myself. It found stuff. Said something before it closed about conflict with mallwarebites. Then, srated in safe mode - went like a flippen dream! So ummmmm?, I know firefox had updated, but if the entire pc is slow that couldn't have anything to fo with it huh? as it's not just the net etc I mean. Meant to say too. Windows updates have been turned off since day dot also. Explorer is in there, but I only use firefox. Checked opening explorer, no faster. Will see if I can download the Seagate thing now :o) Thanks :o)

nice_lady, Feb 5, 4:54pm
Don't bother with the seagate drive scan, (well you can if you want its not a bad thing to do for sure), but the thing is if it went well in safe mode then the problem is SOFTWARE not hardware.

ct76, Feb 5, 5:09pm
Oh shit! So it could be Firefox?!?! :oO will uninstall that & see what happens - back soon I hope ??

nice_lady, Feb 5, 5:23pm
FF might have some issue which slows down the computer but that should show up in taskmanager and anyway it won't do a damn thing unless you actually open FF. If you use IE instead for instance and FF is dormant then it won't slow anything down. well it shouldn't anyway unless it's got some background process which runs at system startup and is causing issues.

king1, Feb 5, 5:25pm
A failing hard drive may not necessarily be apparent in safe mode because there is not as much stuff running stressing it out as would be in normal windows. I suggested a check with HDSentinel further back, not sure if this has been completed yet.

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