MS Excel Multi-column sorting.

paora-tm, Feb 15, 8:18pm
The photo shows what I want to do? I know I can do each line separately but I have 3000 rows I want to sort automatically all at once.

king1, Feb 15, 9:09pm
lowest: =SMALL(A4:D4,1)
2ndL: =SMALL(A4:D4,2)
2ndH: =LARGE(A4:D4,2)
HighL: =LARGE(A4:D4,2)

i've started at row 4, adjust for yours at row2

Then when entered each of these in Row 4 (or 2), select them all and grab the square at the bottom right of the (4 wide) selection box and drag all the way down over the rows to auto fill down, formulas will auto adjust to the row

paora-tm, Feb 15, 11:27pm
Crikey, after many fruitless web searches for an answer I had all but given up on ever finding one. You're an absolute genius in my eyes. Thank you so very very much.

paora-tm, Feb 15, 11:33pm
I did figure that you really meant =LARGE(A4:D4,1) although I just did =SMALL all the way 1-2-3-4. :)

king1, Jan 27, 10:46pm
yep typo. if there is only ever four numbers then just using small is fine

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