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45central, Mar 9, 9:25pm
Im looking at replacing my Samsung S5 to something a little faster and less clunky. Yes I restart it 2 - 3 times a week but the screen and App delays seem to return in short time.
But, there are so many choices in phones, i was wondering if there's a site where you can select what you want in a phone, then get a list of those with the features. Saves trying to compare so many.
I dont want much more than the S5
Web browser, texting, a good camera, wifi but importantly, must have hotspot capibility as I rely on that when overseas when wifi is lousy.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 9:32pm
That isn?

nice_lady, Mar 9, 9:42pm
Screen size preference?

azza20, Mar 9, 9:43pm
Samsung still do good cameras in the higher end models, there new s9 is better than the iphone x but only the camera. The new samsung s9 is slower than the iphone 7 & 8 & X so not much chop but the camera is great.

This is a very good android phone for the price has a great camera as well.

suicidemonkey, Mar 9, 9:49pm

2nd2none, Mar 9, 10:40pm

In the real world what does that mean? Will subway surfer load just that smidgen slower? Definite deal breaker for me then, I'll stick to my iPhone 7.

Benchmarks don't mean squat in the real world, that's like saying 100mbps fibre connection will load a web page faster then a 70mbps vdsl connection over wifi, you're not going to notice any difference at all with everyday usage and if you use benchmarks as a gauge to buy a phone then, well. it's ridiculous to be honest.

azza20, Mar 9, 10:52pm
But true.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 11:00pm
It really depends on what you?

2nd2none, Mar 9, 11:32pm
what does that mean in the real world though? What can I gain that would benefit my everyday life?

It's a pissing contest, and it's quite hilarious people base their purchases on benchmarks thinking it gives them some sort of superiority in their heads

nice_lady, Mar 10, 5:09am
Your average buyer knows little about tech.

It's not that

Purchase decisions might be based on screen size, asthetics, price and perhaps some consideration such as camera specs, (more MegaPixels are better ? Well the consumer thinks so anyway). Then they read that this phone is faster than that phone - well OF COURSE that's likely to sway them.

For you to consider that's "Hilarious" is simply trying to pump yourself up as somehow superior. It's not "Hilarious" at all it's simply people making purchases on what information is presented to them.

king1, Mar 10, 8:27am
Benchmarks (and reviews for that matter) are quite useful for the uninitiated when manufacturers are skimping on hardware just to make a little bit extra profit. Not sure if its the same in the phone market but with computers you always seem to get the odd perfectly good specced machine with an absolutely awful CPU.

When the specs are similar it's less relevant but you really need to do the comparison just in case for the aforementioned reason.

The software they add to the core OS can have a significant impact too

2nd2none, Mar 10, 8:58am
Lol no what is hilarious is you have this assumption that most people know what benchmarks are, I challenge you to walk around the streets and ask 10 random people what benchmarks are. I bet 90% will say "I have no clue"

The way you treat posters who you think should know tech terminology is hilarious.

The way you belittle and berate posters for your own superiority complex is hilarious.

The way you post and pass it off as "my hubby" is really hilarious. If you've been around long enough you know who you really are, and yep can see why you got booted.

You sir are a royal fckwit and this old boys club here has well and truly killed this forum off. It's a joke here and you may help a few people but your attitude towards most causes people to ask these questions in other topics, that's hilarious.

2nd2none, Mar 10, 9:11am
That would fly right over the majorities head, fact.

Phones are different. Tech reviewers will compare benchmarks between two phones (two competing flagships) and tell you which phone has the faster SoC and then most usually say "in the real world this won't matter because. ) then people go off and spout about how a benchmark score means this phone is far better which is false. It may have a faster SoC on paper but it doesn't mean it performs everyday day tasks at a noticeable difference which you will notice.

2nd2none, Mar 10, 9:26am
This is true. but if you think it makes a difference between two evenly competing phones in the same market then you really have your head up your backside.

nice_lady, Mar 10, 9:36am
Why don't you put your potty mouth away it's nasty.

jonnythecat, Mar 10, 11:20am
Instead of fighting amongst yourselves have any of you "clever" people got an answer to OP question, does such a site exist? I am too interested to know. (I am an average consumer and my eyes tend to glaze over when people start to roll out the techs jargon).

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 11:25am
No, it wouldn't tell you anything because all phones have the same basic featureset and the stuff that differentiates them like screen, camera and audio quality is difficult to represent with numbers and in many cases subjective anyway.

You're better off listing down your own priorities, looking what models are available and then reading some reviews. For instance if you want a large screen phone with a pen then the Samsung Galaxy Note line is your best bet. If you want a phone with a small screen but a decent camera then the iPhone SE is the obvious choice. If you want something cheap and cheerful and aren't too worried about camera quality then Nokia has some good options available. Etc, etc

jonnythecat, Mar 10, 11:35am
Okay vtecintegra, thank you for your answer and good explanation.

peanuts37, Mar 10, 11:43am
This is the only site I know where you can select features but many here don't like buying from there. Not saying you should buy there but will give you some ideas. I got a phone from there the other day and no problem, very nice, very powerful phone for a third of what you would pay here. Just check frequencies and it has Google installed, check feedback and ask lots of questions.

king1, Mar 10, 1:56pm
maybe someone had too many beersies last night.
or, maybe someone just bought him/herself a nice shiney new S9 which has triggered the tirade.
Honestly I don't see what the big deal is, i mean if you don't compare specs what else is there to base your purchasing decision on - price? functionality? what the sales rep tells you is best?

sw20, Mar 10, 2:24pm
People say eliminating religion would stop all wars.

I just direct them to any Apple vs Android thread.

just_looking_, Mar 10, 4:02pm
I remember Apple vs Atari vs Commodore vs ZX vs {every other 8-bit system}.

There was no online forums in those days. Actually, the chest pumping was reasonably civilized. For the most part, geeks actually appreciated other tech they didn't own. Maybe because the average PC user required a certain level of technical expertise to use them.

nice_lady, Mar 10, 6:37pm
Sigh. Ain't you been paying attention?
Apparently it's 'hilarious' that people compare stuff.
And it's hilarious that people might be swayed in their purchase decision by reading that one phone might be faster than another.
Apparently this feature is of no consequence.
Not sure how this all works really.

azza20, Mar 10, 9:01pm
It means the A11 Bionic chip that apple use is superior to the Exynos 9810 & Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chips that Samsung use. But there are other features that demonstrate that Samsung is still trailing Apple most noticeably the facial ID. Both are excellent phones however but Apple still take top honours.

vtecintegra, Mar 11, 9:24am
In SoC and storage speed yes but as above Apple always, always skimps on memory.

Also the iPhone screens and cameras are not Samsung quality

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