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venna2, Jul 23, 8:20am
My latest computer doesn't have a CD drive, which I realised only after getting it home. I still had a pile of CDs/DVDs and used a computer of my daughter's to save them to a USB stick. But now I've discovered another pile.

I believe you can buy separate CD/DVD drives to plug in to your computer's USB port. But what is their correct name, is there a preferred brand and where's the best place to buy one?

venna2, Jul 23, 9:10am
I think the phrase I want is 'external CD/DVD drive'. I've just had a look in the TradeMe listings - is there a preferred brand?

mark.p, Jul 23, 9:13am
External CD/DVD Drive. ASUS have a pretty good reputation. LG are pretty popular. At the price the drives are going for on TM you probably can't go wrong with any of them.

mark.p, Jul 23, 9:55am
Should do what you need ok.

venna2, Jul 26, 12:05pm
Well, it has arrived . and I've inserted it and tried several CDs but so far I've had no luck in seeing what's on any of them. It makes encouraging noises and a green light flashes and occasionally something appears on my computer . but that's all. The most that's happened is that it has told me it couldn't read the CD. I've tried several CDs, just in case any have got corrupted since I last used them

I have Windows 10. The device is as in the link above. I've emailed the people I got it from, no reply so far, and in the meantime, just in case .

nice_lady, Jul 26, 12:55pm
So if you plug the drive into the computer does the computer make a sort of 'ding' noise and then if you go into 'my computer/this pc', (whatever it's called), does the cd drive show up in there ?

r.g.nixon, Jul 26, 12:55pm
Test a music CD in it.

venna2, Jul 26, 1:20pm
Yes it makes a 'ding' noise but the cd drive has only shown up once on 'my pc' and then it told me there was no cd in it . and there was.

I'll try a music CD/DVD now. I want to see the photos and docs on my CDs, though.

Yes, it's playing a CD now. So presumably it should also 'read' a CD with docs and pictures on it? I'll try again.

And it tells me "the location is not available . "

r.g.nixon, Jul 26, 1:30pm
So you opened your File Explorer, and looked at your drive D: E: or whatever drive letter appears?

venna2, Jul 26, 1:33pm
I opened File Explorer but Drive E or whatever it might be called didn't appear at all this time. There are still little noises coming from the external drive.

r.g.nixon, Jul 26, 1:33pm
CDs and DVDs do degrade over time. That is a possible factor.

Also, it may depend what software was used to write the files - there are several ways to do it, not all are compatible with Windows 10. I had to use CDRoller to recover files written with an older packet driver.

venna2, Jul 26, 1:35pm
And I didn't buy it to play music on! I bought it because I want to save docs and pictures from CDs to my computer, which doesn't have a CD drive.

venna2, Jul 26, 1:38pm
Oh dear, I wonder if you're right. I did, however, transfer CDs a while ago to my daughter's desktop computer (and then save them to a USB stick so I could bring them home). I didn't want to have to do this again, which is why I've bought my own external drive. And the CDs would be roughly the same age. Maybe I'll have to take these ones to my daughter's place again, just to see if they work on her computer.

I tried another music CD and it played for a minute or two and then stopped. So frustrating!

r.g.nixon, Jul 26, 2:57pm
If the music CD wsn't scratched, I would begin to suspect that the drive is of low quality, even faulty. You said it was brand new right?

r.g.nixon, Jul 26, 3:03pm
Just one more thing. Try a rear USB port rather than a front one. They may have a slightly better power supply. I'm not certain, but no harm in trying.

venna2, Jul 26, 3:18pm
Thanks - my computer doesn't have rear USB ports but I tried the second front one. No improvement as yet.

And yes, the drive was new. I don't think it can be a recent model, though - the little manual doesn't even mention Windows 10. The Trade Me blurb indicated that Windows 10 was fine with it.

nice_lady, Jul 26, 3:30pm
Your computer a laptop ?

hulloitsme, Jul 26, 3:32pm
Dust on the laser?

venna2, Jul 26, 3:34pm
No, desktop.

The device was secured in plastic when it arrived so it wouldn't have dust, would it?

nice_lady, Jul 26, 3:38pm
What kind of desktop is it that doesn't have rear usb ports ? That would be extremely unusual.

nice_lady, Jul 26, 3:39pm
Unlikely, however a decent bump while in transit might have put the laser slightly out of alignment.

venna2, Jul 26, 3:42pm
Regardless of that, it doesn't. It doesn't have a CD drive either - which is why I wanted one. By 'desktop' by the way, I mean the monitor is on the desk, the 'box' part is on the floor.

And in fact I've been told that some of the very recent computers don't even have USB ports as it's all 'in the cloud' these days.

nice_lady, Jul 26, 3:55pm
the box part as you call it IS the computer. are you telling me there's no usb ports on the rear of that ?

I'm very curious as to the make/model if that's the case.

mark.p, Jul 26, 4:17pm
Sounds like it might be a dud device. Contact the seller about it explaining the problem.

venna2, Jul 26, 4:17pm
Yes, I know that 'is' the computer. I've had a good look and I can't see any more USB ports, just the various holes (ports?) that eg the printer, mouse, monitor plug into. It's a bit hard to pull the box out from the wall to have a more thorough look and I don't want to dislodge anything. The two USB ports in front are normally all I need at any one time.

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