Laser Printer issue

magus, Sep 7, 4:48pm
Hi, I have a Brother-HL2130 black and white laser printer. Few years old and it has been a great little fast and efficient printer. However, last few months i hv noticed a light vertical line appearing on the right side of all my printouts. Toner cartridge doesn't need replacing as far as i know. What could be causing this ? can it be repaired ? Thanks

nice_lady, Sep 7, 4:58pm
Drum ?

magus, Sep 7, 5:13pm
Could also be corona wire. How do u tell and can it be fixed ?

deecee2, Sep 7, 6:05pm
I've had the same problem in the past a couple of times. I found the solution here. or if that doesn't work, google Clean the drum unit Brother.

magus, Sep 7, 7:26pm
Thanks deecee2. That may do it. Cheers

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