My WiFi

missrat, May 5, 3:22pm
On my phone
I am with Vodofone and few days ago I lost Wifi connection, or should I say even though I have it turned on as in pic below it is not working or showing up in top next to connection bars as it should be. Any one know how I can sort this. Vodofonre keep messaging telling me I am out of data wich normally dosent occur if on WiFi

Even though I am with Vodofone for my phone The home internet connection is with Trustpower So am unsure who is at fault with this or even if they are it may be a phone problem which itselt is a Vodofone cell ph

wembley1, May 5, 3:49pm
Is your WiFi actually on? Do you have any other WiFi enabled devices (laptop?) to check with?

missrat, May 5, 4:33pm
Thanks for reply
Yes its turned on. I have turned it off on again, rebooted also.
Dont know how to check it on laptop

peanuts37, May 5, 4:38pm
Can you get online with another device ie laptop though would say so as your posting here. If so your WIFI is working and problem is with phone settings.

black-heart, May 5, 4:49pm
your vodafone mobile data is being used as the phone is not showing any connection to a wifi when connected to wifi theres an icon that looks like a fan.

missrat, May 5, 4:53pm
Yes thanks black-heart I know what icon looks like, a little fan but Its not showing even though turned on in settings

missrat, May 5, 4:56pm
Yep of course laptop fine probably is in settings peanuts37 but don't know what or why

peanuts37, May 5, 4:59pm
Go into WIFI settings and look for a setting, something like turn on WIFI when in range or to that effect.

peanuts37, May 5, 5:03pm
Two things to try, go settings, storage and clear cache, may take a while then restart phone and 2, turn phone off and press both volume buttons together for a few seconds, release them and restart phone.

rz_zone, May 5, 5:48pm
Switch mobile data off?

loud_37, May 5, 6:32pm
Even though you say you have turn the wifi on, have you connected to your wifi and put your password in?

wembley1, May 5, 9:29pm
On a Windows machine your Internet connection should be an icon on the bottom right of the screen, between the battery icon and the speaker icon. On a Win 8.1 machine it's a little bar graph, and on Win 10 the fan symbol.

Left clicking on it will show you what's happening.

missrat, May 5, 9:40pm
Yes all connected

missrat, May 5, 9:42pm
Will check thanks but think its all ok as I can accsess games on here

nice_lady, Dec 6, 9:05pm
It's very simple. Logically if your laptop can get webpages etc but it's not physically connected to the router by a cable then it's connected by wifi.

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